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You must know the CAMS to have your queries resolved


The development of the Indian economy has got a number of avenues where the investors can invest their money and get a good return. Over the past few years, there are many new mutual fund companies have entered the market. The mechanism of the industry is simple yet complex in terms of money management. There are various options in the money market as well as mutual fund industries where the investment by the retail investors is made. The market is open now, and there are ample companies with different strategies that try to offer the best return and attract investors.

The system:

The system of investment in a mutual fund is completely online. The computer age management system handles the transactions of various companies. One can check the cams online for its functions that can help the companies to put the investment in the share market and track the same via various online options. The companies in this market offer various schemes to the retail investors where the investors can get a good return after a period. It is necessary to note here that there is no guarantee of return in a mutual fund as it depends on the performance of the market. It is so because all investments done by the retailers in the concerned company.

The mutual fund market is open nowadays, and every company has to offer the best return to the investor due to the competition in the market. To manage the fund in the market, the companies deploy best of the fund managers who can take decisions in a way that can get the optimum return to the amount invested.

Investment options:

For a retailer, the companies offer various investment options in terms of schemes as well as systems. The investors who are comfortable in using a smartphone or computer can go for the online options while those who do not have such facilities can also go for the offline option of investing in this market.

In the online option, one can go for an app of concerned mutual fund company or third parties. One can also go for investment via the website of the company or other broker sites. In online one needs to fill the form online and submit the documents in soft copies only while in offline one needs to go for the hard copies of the same.

The investor can go for a fund which may be open-ended or close-ended. The difference between these options is about the withdrawal of the amount where in close-ended one cannot withdraw it as per his wish. In the open-ended fund, one can enter or exit at any point of time. The withdrawal system is also very simple where the investor needs to request for the redemption of the units as per his choice. It may take three working days to get the amount in one’s bank account after the submission of the request. One can also check the NAV with the help of the site of the company or its call centre.