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Guide to Becoming a Master Traveller in 2019

Master Traveller

Travelling is the best way to experience life, people and the entire world that lies in front of you. But many people are there who are afraid of travelling because of some mistakes they have made in the past. A few unfortunate incidents or a few callous mistakes should not deter you from travelling.

Nobody is born a master traveller but can become one with experience and advice. Making travel mistakes are just a way of learning to become a master traveller. Here are some tips that will help you master the skill of travelling alone or with family. To get discounts on different tour packages, use HotOzCoupons coupon codes.

Always carry cash

While it is true that the world is running on plastic money these days, it is still advised that you should always have some amount of cash with you. Certain calamities, emergencies or travelling in remote areas may throw an ATM out of order. Some places may even lack one nearby. For such cases, cash is the safest option at hand, and you will never feel helpless. Never make the mistake of entirely relying upon plastic money.

Pack light bags

Travelling becomes more comfortable when you have less to carry. Walking around with huge and heavy luggage is an unnecessary burden that will leave you panting and frustrated very soon. Take a small bag and pack just the necessary items without increasing too much load upon yourself. It is always convenient to carry light backpacks around. Skip the unnecessary cosmetics, t-shirts and jackets you think would make you look fashionable on the trip. You might not even end up using them there, and there is no point carrying them all the way.

Take responsibilities

If you like to travel in groups or with family, you probably need to start learning to plan things alone. Start by taking small duties in the trip like checking the hotels or booking the tickets and slowly move on to the tougher tasks of planning the itinerary. These will help you to become self-reliant and a master at travelling all alone very soon.

Study the map well

To avoid ending up at the wrong places or taking the wrong route that lands you in unnecessary trouble, it is better that you always carry a map with you and study it well too. Even if you are travelling to an unknown place, you need to know the directions and at least a little about the nearby areas to not get lost entirely. Keep downloaded maps if you lose internet connection in the middle of nowhere.

Check the hotel reviews

Even when you have relied upon the best travel planner for a trip, it is mandatory that you check the hotels yourself once and read the reviews well before visiting. These are necessary to avoid unpleasant experiences ruining your travel altogether. There is no point complaining afterwards about the experience when things are already ruined.

Take the help of the locals

When you travel to any vibrant city or place, it is advisable that you bond with the local people there. A place is made of its people, and they can be the best travel guides you can ever find. They know the actual history and culture of the area which is of great help on the roads. This way you can make some good friends and feel the warmth of home while travelling to faraway places.

Do not trust blindly

While it is recommended that you bond with people around you while travelling, it is also imperative to avoid trusting anybody blindly. Keep an eye for suspicious activities around you and stay away from people around whom you feel something unsafe or harmful. Never trust anybody blindly as you may be robbed or end up in trouble when you naively believe the wrong people.

Carry a lock with you

A lock and key are a must when you are travelling. These come handy when you are travelling alone and keep your room or luggage safe. You can lock your luggage while you are sleeping or keep your room locked for strangers while you have gone out. But be careful with the key too.

Always keep your ID with you

You must have your ID with you all the time while you are travelling. You might need it at places where they require you to seek permission and saves you from a lot of harassment in several situations.

Wisdom comes with experience, and one must apply the proverb in case of travelling to make it the best experience.