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Famous Historic Myths And Legends

Famous Historic Myths And Legends

We are surrounded by many myths and legends which are sometimes touted as garbled details or historical facts. Read on to see if you have come across these ancient myths and legends.

Flat earth

This is a modern yet baseless myth where many people believe that the Earth is not round. There are many scientific clues which you can find on the Internet proving the spherical shape of the planet. However, if you are not convinced by the evidence, you can join the group of Flat Earth Society.

25th December marks the birth of Jesus

Romans celebrated winter solstice between 17th to 25th December with family and gift-giving. Later, people needed a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As St. Nicholas distributed gifts on 25th of December, this date was taken as a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. There are no records in an Ancient Encyclopedia of when Jesus was actually born, but many scholars believe that he was born between spring and fall, somewhere between 6 and 3 BC.

Albert Einstein was bad at mathematics

Albert Einstein, the legendary physicist was a poor and lousy student and failed to pass the subjects that did not interest him. However, he did extremely well in mathematics and its use in physics, which made him worldwide famous.

Latin is a superior language

Every language has its own importance, but Latin is not logically superior to any one of them. Grammar rules are based on Latin’s grammar, especially the vocabularies used in medicine, law and logic. If we focus only on the grammar rules, Latin may seem superior.

Caesar was born by a caesarean section

The surgical birthing process, the caesarean section has got its name from Lex Ceaser. The idea that Julius Caesar was given birth by a surgical process is old, though the ancient world has seen many C-section births. However, there are no records about Caesar’s birth process, making the story unlikely to be true.

Betsy Ross designed the flag of America

This is one of the most inspiring stories in the Ancient Encyclopedia though there are no supporting pieces of evidence. The story surfaced after a century when Betsy’s grandson, William Canby claimed that she had told the story to him before she died. It was stated that Betsy designed the five-pointed star, but it was never known who exactly designed the American flag.

These are a few interesting historical myths and legends. You can find more on the Internet.