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Tips on Buying a Home in a New City


Purchasing a property in a city you are already living in is a big endeavour but planning to relocate to another one altogether is a much bigger undertaking. When you move to a completely new region it means no longer knowing the best restaurants, parks or shops. Neighbourhoods may also be unfamiliar so finding a community that suits your needs may not be as easy as when moving across a city you are already residing in. It will take some serious research on your part.

Taking the steps to uproot your life whether it be for work or because you are looking for new adventures means starting over in a completely new environment which can be daunting. To complete a long distance move successfully be very organized and proactive. If the Vernon real estate market is calling your name but it is far from where you are currently living, be aware with careful planning it can be accomplished without much stress. Keep these things in mind.

  1. Find a Good Realtor

Having a professional and knowledgeable real estate agent on your side can make a world of difference when planning a long distance move. If you give them the details in regards to what you are looking for in a home, neighbourhood and a community they can steer you in the right direction before you have arrived. Even if you want to rent before buying they can suggest areas to rent in. Perhaps the rental area will be where you find your forever home. Realtors can help.

  1. Convenience and Walkability

If you like having your home close to amenities with a high walkability score make sure to let your realtor know. Spend time researching areas that may suit your needs, being close to shops, gyms and restaurants. Many house hunters are interested in buying into a community where they get to know the neighbours. If this is not important then you may find yourself with more options of where you can buy. If you don’t mind driving a suburban area might be best for you.

  1. Green Spaces

When being connected to nature and having places close by to enjoy the great outdoors is important make sure to factor this into your house hunt. Many cities have large parks and biking trails so get to know where these are when you are researching the new city. Prices may be higher in such neighbourhoods so if this does not matter to you take it off of your must-haves list. But if you have dogs or kids make it a priority so you do not miss out on the outdoor spaces.

  1. Schools and Community Centres

People with children will need to research school catchment areas and good neighbourhoods to send them to school in. If you are seeking French Immersion or private schools you may need to spend a bit more time educating yourself on locations and availability. Community centres are also often important as they hold many classes and activities for school-aged children. Having a pool close by is another added bonus. Ask the realtor to help you to narrow down your search.

  1. Shops and Restaurants

For those who prefer to be close to stores, restaurants, gyms and other essential amenities opting to buy in a more urban setting may suit you better than buying further from the city centre. There are typically communities throughout the city that fit your wants. Figuring out where they are is key. All neighbourhoods have unique and specific vibes so consider which one calls your name. Some are urban and trendy while others are funkier.

  1. Community Vibe

It is important in life to find our tribe, and when moving to a new city it is ideal if we can find a neighbourhood that fits with our own personal vibe. Families with younger children are likely to be happier in communities rich with other young families. Those without children and a more artistic edge might be more fulfilled in an area with museums, art galleries and other artists. If the hustle and bustle of downtown living is more for you then search out such areas in the city.

  1. Go For It

When moving to a new city it is an opportunity to start over and to create the life you have always aspired to. Do not move to a neighbourhood that does not suit you or settle for a house you do not really want. Take some time and figure out what you want then go for it.