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Why a Pre-Paid Funeral Makes Total Sense


No one likes the thought of death, and while we don’t know when our time will run out, there are some things that you can do to make preparations for leaving this world behind. A prepaid funeral means that your family will not suddenly be facing costly funeral expenses, should the worst happen, and for this reason alone, many UK adults decide to arrange for their own funeral while they are still alive.

Freeze the Price

One you take out a prepaid funeral package, the price can never go up, regardless of when you pass on. Talk to your local funeral directors in Gloucester about prepaid funerals and you can freeze the price by making preparations now.

Choose your Preferred Type of Funeral

Not everyone has the same spiritual beliefs, and by arranging your funeral in advance, you can decide whether you want a traditional or a humanist service. You can choose the following:

  • The type of coffin
  • The funeral service
  • Flowers and wreaths

The funeral director can tailor the service to suit your requirements, and rather than leave the arrangements to your family, you can make all the provisions in advance.

Protect your Loved Ones

The emotional stress when a family member dies is always intense, and if you have the added burden of funeral costs, this can be a very stressful situation for your loved ones to have to deal with.

The funeral director is very flexible and can tailor everything to suit you, and once the plan has been finalised, you can rest assured that your family wont have the financial burden of paying for your funeral.