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Common Bicycle Types and UsesIn Melbourne


Bikes are perfect workout equipment that adds fun and luxury to the entire process. The right bike can convert an otherwise tricky and demanding workout experience to a relaxing and fun exercise. Bikes are available in a variety of well-known categories and sub-categories. Here is a list of the common bicycle types and uses you ought to know of.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are luxurious and high-traction bikes that include some of the biggest knobby tires which range from 26 to 29 inches. These bikes include rugged frames, flat handlebars and quality suspension key features that make the bike ideal for rides on trails and roads.

Tandem Bike

A tandem bicycle is a durable and compact-sized bike that is ideal for two riders. These bikes are available in a variety of styles and designs. They are designed to be ridden by two riders with different riding skills and abilities. They are mostly perfect for blind, younger and beginner riders. These bikes do not require you to have any special training and offers a great level of fun.


Recumbent are modern and sophisticated bikes in which the rider sits on a chair situated way lower than the handles. Recumbent bikes are available in a variety of configurations. The main features of these wonderful bikes are properly located under and above seat steering, short and long wheelbases, different wheel varieties, tandem recumbents and many more. The backrest is big and comfortable hence make it possible for riders to choose larger gears.

Adult Bikes

Adult bikes are characterized by their unique design and configuration. An adult bike is simply a 3-wheeled bicycle that is fit for adults. Regardless of your personal preferences, you will find a variety of adult bike configurations. These bikes are usually used by people who have difficulties balancing or anyone who deems it fit and fun to ride a three-wheel bike.

Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are comfortable and fun bikes that are only fit for riding on flat terrains such as boardwalks. Cruisers are characterized by fenders, chain guards, and high handlebars. These bicycles have lesser speed limits and cannot be ridden on top of hills. They are fit for use around the beach or at home as a way to relax the body.

Triathlon Bikes

These are sophisticated and powerful bikes that are perfect for time trial events. They are characterized by the bull-horn shaped handles and aero bars. The aero bars make it possible for you to lean forward in a more aerodynamic position while riding the bike. These bikes include shifters that are positioned on the end of the aero bars. The bikes have time trial racing geometry that allows for better aerodynamics and racing speed.

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