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When To Use a Skid Steer for Snow Removal

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Whether you are professionally removing snow from other people’s properties or just have a large area you need to clear for yourself, having the right equipment is essential. A skid steer snow pusher can be a great option. However, it isn’t always better than a truck or similar vehicle with a plow. Below is a little information to help you decide whether the skid steer is right for your needs.

Using a Skid Steer for Snow Removal

Skid steers offer a highly flexible platform that makes getting work done easier. They can work great for removing snow when fitting with a plow or snow blower attachment. Their small size and maneuverability have helped to make them popular among landscapers and snow removal contractors. In fact, many people swear that a skid steer is the only way to go for snow removal.

The most common attachment for moving snow is a small, front-mounted pusher. However, some people use buckets or 3 point snow blower attachments.

When It Beats a Truck and Other Options

The most common option other than a skid steer is a truck with a snowplow. So, you may wonder when the skid steer is the right option.

The key benefit of skid steers comes from their short design and unique turning mechanism (the wheels on each side turn independently, turning the vehicle with a very small radius). These characteristics help to make skid steers extremely nimble.

So, many people choose to use skid steers over trucks or other vehicles because they can turn easily in tight spaces. This eliminates the need for backing up, which can potentially be dangerous in wintery conditions. If plowing a small, tight space such as a curving driveway, using a skid steer can be substantially faster than a truck.

Additionally, skid steers can press down with their plows more significantly because they are often connected to movable arms on the vehicle. This makes scraping ice much easier than with a truck.

The main disadvantage of a skid steer is the relatively slow speed. However, when plowing snow safely, you should be moving slowly anyway. So, this isn’t a major problem. Another issue is that they aren’t as wide as trucks. Therefore, it often doesn’t make sense to use a skid steer to plow a large, open area such as a parking lot. In such situations, a truck or dedicated snowplow will get the job done much faster.

Finally, another reason to consider a skid steer is the ability to lift the boom arms. If you are only able to stack snow in designated areas (common with businesses), the boom arms can help a lot. They make it easier to stack snow higher.

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Discover more about getting attachments for skid steers and more. Whether you need John Deere Loader attachments, tractor attachments or skid steer parts, finding the right equipment will help you to make quick work of your snow removal job. If you are doing the job as a professional contact, you can make a lot more money by getting done quickly. So, make sure you have the right tools.