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BAK Tonneau Cover Buying Guide – Which is best for your truck?

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Pickup truck off-roaders know the value of a high-quality tonneau cover. Keeping gear clean and dry is a must, but there are other important features to consider. You probably know BAK Industries for its quintessential BAK truck bed cover in three different styles: hard-folding, rolling and rack-integrated. With so many kinds available, it can be hard to make up your mind when you’re shopping BAK tonneau covers. This tonneau cover buying guide can help you make sense of your options and pick the best one for your off-roading needs.

Hard-Folding Covers

Hard-folding models let you drive your truck with their covers folded back, closed or flipped up. They also offer sturdy protection thanks to their solid core panels paired with aluminum skins. The BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover is a great example – it’s rated for up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight. There’s also the BAKFlip F1, designed for heavier duty use with its premium density foam core and durable aluminum underside panels. And the F1 is super-resistant to scratches, dings and dents thanks to its top surface of high-gloss fiberglass reinforced polymer.

Rolling Covers

BAK Industries currently sells two hard rolling cover models: the Revolver X2 and the Revolver X4. Both models blend the convenience and flexibility of a soft rolling over with the security and protection of hard-folding models. The Revolver X2 comes with several useful features:

  • Fast, simple clamp-on installation
  • One-handed operation
  • 100% truck bed access
  • Complete rear window visibility
  • No stitching or hook-and-loop fasteners

The Revolver X2 also comes with patented locking rails that secure the entire length of your truck bed, plus a simple-to-use automatic slam latch that works from either side. The X4 model adds a black matte finish plus heavy-duty aluminum panels and heavy-duty locking levers.

Rack-Integrated Models

Cargo space can be at a premium in an off-road vehicle, so racks are incredibly useful to have. Not to be outdone, BAK Industries also makes rack-integrated covers. These models blend hard-folding covers with racks to give you cargo space both in and above your truck bed.

The BAKFlip CS and CS/F1 models both provide superior protection, cargo capacity and value. The BAKFlip CS blends BAK Industries’ CS rack with its bestselling BAKFlip G2 cover, giving you the best of both worlds. The CS features rack uprights that adjust to many positions by sliding in the rails. Not only do you get 100% bed access, but you also have a super-strong rack with a 500-pound capacity. The CS/F1 version is even stronger – it combines the same CS rack with the durable BAKFlip F1 cover. As a bonus, the F1 boasts a 400-pound capacity plus its fiberglass reinforced polymer surface and EPDM seals for exceptional water resistance.

Selecting the Right Cover

As you’ve now seen, BAK Industries has a lot to offer pickup truck off-roaders. The key is choosing a cover that matches your style and needs. BAKFlip hard-folding covers offer durability and versatility, while the Revolver rolling covers provide faster truck bed access and one-handed operation. Those needing both durability and extra cargo room should get the most mileage out of BAK’s rack-integrated covers. No matter what cover you buy, get yours at a reputable off-road parts and accessories dealer.