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The Study material for excelling the class 9 Mathematics

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In this competitive scenario, the concepts of the subject are as important as the marks attained in it. Various competitive exams ask questions that require the application of concepts to solve them. The questions in these exams test the concept studied by students right from Class 9.

Also, Class 9th is an important and preparatory stage before entering into the Class 10th board exam. Maths is a very important and scoring subject which will help to score well in Class 9th exam. Hence, it becomes very important for students to understand the Class 9 mathematical concepts.

NCERT books for CBSE

For the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the NCERT textbooks are prescribed.

NCERT books are very effective in putting the concepts in a simple way so that the students can grasp the concepts easily. Hence, students are recommended to use NCERT books. Even for the competitive, the students are advised to use NCERT books. NCERT book for maths Class 9 includes all the theorems and concepts in an explanatory fashion which helps students learn in an effective and simple way.

Class 9 CBSE topics

Class 9 is a foundation for students in their careers. The syllabus for Class 9 maths is maintained in such a manner that all the portions of maths are equally covered. The CBSE mathematics Class 9 syllabus includes number systems, mensuration, geometry, probability, statistics, linear equations in two variables, etc. The concepts of Class 9 maths are used in all major competitive examinations like civil services, NDA, JEE, RBI, etc.

Choose the study resource wisely

Students shall prepare for Class 9 maths very sincerely, as it will also be useful in scoring good in Class 10 board exams as wells as it is the foundation for their career ahead. For this, the selection of study material plays an important role. You can make use of study materials and NCERT solutions available on the internet. You can also look for free study materials which may be available on the internet. For choosing an effective study material for Class 9 maths, the following points shall be kept in mind.

  • The study material should have a variety of solved numerical
  • All the topics of the syllabus should be covered.
  • The solution provided in the study material should be in a well-structured way for effective understanding
  • Several methods of solving questions should be provided in the study material.
  • The study material shall have a lot of practice questions.


Class 9 maths forms the foundation for the students in their careers in science, engineering, etc. The concepts learned in this Class helps them score big not just in further Class exams, but also in competitive exams. In view of this, it becomes very necessary for students to learn the concepts fully and practice the questions of all types well. To prepare well, the students shall choose 9th Class maths study material, wisely. A piece of advice in this regard from teachers and parents may prove to be very useful.