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How to Book and Ride eBike Safely


Whether you are in Tokyo or in Melbourne, there is one new way to enjoy the city – eBikes. eBikes are designed with several electrical components like motor, battery, and controller. These items help you ride with less effort.

Essentially, eBikes have handles and pedals just like regular bicycles. You must know that eBikes do not completely replace human effort because of the electric component – it is meant to augment it. With this, it makes obstacles like headwind and hills more manageable allowing you to travel further without getting that exhausted.

Now that you understand the mechanism of eBikes, it is time that you know how to book and ride it safely. Here’s what you should know:

Booking eBike

If you do not want to travel using public transportation, eBikes are an excellent option. The good news is that there are many agencies that offer electric bike hire delivered to you. The key here is to compare so you can narrow down your options. Here are the steps to booking eBike online:

Choose your ride date

The important thing here is you select your ride date from the Book Online page of the chosen site or company.

Fill your contact details

After filling the ride date, you should provide accommodation address as well as mobile number and email. This is to ensure that the eBike is delivered straight to you.

Choose your eBike

You have to decide the eBike model you want to avail. For instance, you can consider Dutch-inspired Lekker bikes that allow you to ride up to 85 km per charge with speed up to 25 kph.

Make your payment

After filling everything, you can make your payment. You will be redirected to a shopping cart to finalise your booking through credit card or debit card.

Wait for it

After making your payment, you should wait for electric bike hire delivered to you. Choosing a company that provides delivery is beneficial. If you can find a company that will also collect the bike after use, it will be more practical.

Riding eBike

The thing with eBike is anyone can ride it. In fact, many advocates think that eBike is a way to make cycling more accessible to the elderly and to people with disabilities. If you are a road user, you should ensure your safety when using eBike.

Here are some road safety tips when riding eBike:

  • Pay attention to traffic: whether you are a seasoned cyclist or not, you should always pay attention to the flow of traffic. Other road users may not expect your speed so you should avoid potentially dangerous scenarios.
  • Ensure visibility: whether you are riding eBike or not, you should ensure visibility. To make yourself seen, you should always utilise lights and a bell.
  • Check your speed: since eBikes involve higher speeds, most riders are overwhelmed to see what it can do. To be safe, you should spend time learning how the bike feels at lower speeds before you consider the fastest assist setting.

Bottom Line

eBikes are the most efficient way to cruise around great cities. Booking is easy and it only takes a few minutes but you should always remember riding safety. Remember that crashes can happen especially on eBikes because it involves higher speeds.