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Can Drink Driving Charges Dent Your Career?


Precaution is better than cure that’s what they always say. It’s not different when it comes to those employed as drivers or those who drive to work. Avoiding driving when drunk can save you from real messes. When arrested for driving when high on alcohol, your career will suffer big time. Remember you aren’t going to report to work that day especially if you are taken to a cell. Even if you are released the same day, you are going to be out of work several other moments to attend to the court hearings.  With the best driving offenses solicitors, you are going to save yourself the hassle but won’t free from the mess completely.

You May Lose the Job

If the court rules that your license is revoked, your employer will have no choice but to cancel the contract.  This will be the case if your job position was the company driver. For those who drive their own cars to work, you may not lose your job but you won’t have the privilege of driving to work again. You will be forced to hire a driver or use public means of transport to and from work. This simply means that committing this awful offense can really ruin your career.

Your Driving License Maybe Put on Probation

If it was your first offense and it happens that your blood alcohol concentration was beyond 0.17%, you may not lose your driving license but you will be put on probation. This simply means that you will be unable to drive for the next year or so.  This can greatly affect your career if you were working as a driver.  For those who drive to work, it won’t affect your career but you won’t enjoy the fun you used to. Driving to work is fun and be unable to drive when you have a car can affect your morale and concentration.

Can Affect Job Prospects

If you have been convicted for driving while drunk, your chances of getting a job will be lowered. A drink driving offense has a significant effect on your career and job prospects. You may think that drink driving convictions won’t affect your career but in reality, they do. When a company has to choose between someone who has been charged with drink driving and another one who has not, they will obviously choose one who has not.

There is no doubt that drink driving offenses can ruin your career. However, if you get the best driving offences solicitors to represent you, chances are high you won’t suffer much in terms of the fine or jail term. Good solicitors in this area aren’t hard to find but if you don’t take care, you are going to end up in the hands of cons.