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Do Insurance Companies Use Video Surveillance When Handling Alabama Car Accident Claims?

Car Accident Claims

When insurance companies investigate a car accident in response to a filed insurance claim, they may use video surveillance if available. When an investigator from an insurer goes to the crash scene, they will look at the dashboard camera or security camera footage of the collision. Often, traffic cameras film accidents or the motorists involved before the crash took place. Even if available footage does not show the crash, they might be able to offer valuable data on how the drivers involved were operating their car when the crash occurred. 

Why Insurers Conduct Investigations Following a Car Crash

When you file a car accident claim, the insurer may do its due diligence to confirm your arguments and claims before they make payments. Following the company’s investigation, its account of the crash may be different from what you had. The insurer may pay less than you demanded as it does not agree with the accident’s cost or the cause of the accident. Thankfully, an Alabama car accident lawyer can help ensure your claim is not undervalued. 

Kinds of Video Footage that Can be Legally Used as Evidence

If an insurance provider uses video surveillance as evidence for your car accident case, they must ensure it is obtained legally. Also, the video needs to be authentic. The video must clearly show the actions happening. Lastly, the insurer should disclose upfront that is using a video as evidence for your case. For further information on legal aspects related to car accident cases, check out LawyerNewsBlog.com.

Insurers Can Be Quite Aggressive

A lot of insurance providers do everything to avoid making a big payout. They will look for video evidence that can help reduce the settlement amount. As the accident victim, you must be honest and upfront about what occurred and the seriousness of your injuries. No matter how strategic these insurers are, you have nothing to fear if you are being transparent and have legal representation. 

You must have an attorney who has handled a lot of aggressive insurers in the past. For instance, you must not provide any recorded statement to the insurer without consulting with your attorney first. The insurer may use this statement against you and your claim by twisting any words negatively. Insurance companies are expected to pull out all types of tricks to win their cases. But a skilled attorney will not let them do their thing against you. 

If you have been in a car accident, you need an attorney with extensive experience in your type of case to work on your claim. The best attorney will ensure the insurance company will deal with your case honestly and respectfully.