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Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

French Bulldogs

Why are French bulldogs so expensive? This question is being asked worldwide by different types of dog lovers. One of the most well-liked types of canines all over the world is the French bulldog, a breed that is famously cute and quite amiable. But how much does it set you back to get your hands on one of these puppies, and how much can you anticipate shelling out per month to keep a French bulldog as a pet?

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What is the going rate for a French bulldog?

Despite being an expensive breed, the price of a French bulldog puppy can differ significantly based on the parent dogs, the repute of the breeder, the region, the color, and several other considerations. There is a price range of $1,500 to $3,500 for these puppies, making them some of the most costly dogs that can be purchased. Puppies often cost more than adult dogs. When thinking about getting a dog of any kind, it is important to remember that the cost of the puppy is just the beginning investment. When you get a pet, many additional expenses come along with it, such as the cost of training, food, toys, and visits to the veterinarian.

Which is better for you: a French bulldog puppy or an adult dog?

Because there is a greater demand for puppies than there are available puppies, the cost of purchasing a puppy will be higher than the cost of acquiring an adult dog. If you get a puppy, you will have the opportunity to train and socialize your pet at a younger age, which will help prevent them from developing any undesirable behaviors. On the other side, older dogs might already have some obedience training, be able to be crate trained, and know how to eliminate in their litter box. However, it can be difficult to track down a purebred French bulldog, and shelter dogs may already be suffering from several different health conditions before they are adopted.

Are prices for smaller Frenchies higher than those for larger ones?

Even though Frenchies are little dogs, to begin with, you might come across some breeders that specialize in Miniature French bulldogs. These canines are not of a distinct breed but are rather merely little versions of French bulldogs. These canines rarely reach a height of more than 11 inches (28 centimeters) in their lifetime and rarely weigh more than 11 kg (13 kg) and then it will be considered one of the fattest dogs in Europe. As a result of the extraordinary challenges associated with breeding them, teacup French bulldog’s typically commanded a higher price than their standard-sized counterparts.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a French bulldog From a Breeder?

When purchased from a breeder, a French bulldog will typically cost $2,400 on average. The price of a dog will be higher if it comes from great parents and has a history of successful breeding. The very best championship French bulldogs can cost anywhere from $5,500 to $10,000. This range reflects the quality of the dog.

Where can I locate a French bulldog breeder who is reputable?

Examining the number of puppies produced by the breeder’s upcoming litter is a quick and easy method for determining whether or not the breeder should be trusted. Instead of producing six or seven healthy Frenchie puppies with each litter, ethical breeders will most likely only create two or three puppies of that breed. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of these canines, irresponsible breeders and puppy mills are becoming more prevalent in today’s pet industry. These establishments are more concerned with making a profit than they are with the welfare of their canines. Before purchasing a puppy from a French bulldog breeder, you should always make it a point to read over the reviews of that breeder. Reputable breeders will also be able to provide you with registration papers for the parent dogs and will have performed several health tests that will clear your French bulldog of some common health concerns. They will also be able to provide you with a French bulldog that is free from any genetic defects.

What Are the Expenses Involved in Saving a French bulldog?

A French bulldog can be adopted from a shelter for a price that is substantially lower than what it would cost to purchase one from a breeder. The adoption fee for a dog will run you between $350 and $550, which often covers the cost of all vaccines and registration paperwork for the dog. You can also have peace of mind in the knowledge that you have provided a dog in need with a second opportunity at life. When it comes to rescuing a French bulldog, you will most likely be looking at an adult dog rather than a young puppy the vast majority of the time. You may have more success finding a home for a French bulldog mix that’s looking for a family than a purebred French bulldog. Be sure to look into rescue organizations that are dedicated to the care of French bulldogs specifically if you are interested in adopting a dog. The French bulldog Rescue Network is the largest organization of its kind.

Factors to Consider when estimating the Cost of a French bulldog

These exceptional canines come at a high price, with the cost of a French bulldog puppy being determined by several different factors. The following are some examples of these:

1. Frenchie’s Age

The price of a French bulldog adult dog is going to be less than that of a puppy. Due to their unusually curved hips and short legs, French bulldogs are unable to naturally reproduce and so cannot produce puppies. This contributes to the high cost of puppies from this breed. Therefore, to produce French bulldog puppies, the female parent needs to go through the process of artificial insemination. In addition, French bulldog puppies have to be delivered via C-section, which is a time-consuming and costly procedure. This is because these dogs have narrow birth canals, which makes it impossible for them to safely deliver naturally born puppies with large heads and broad shoulders.

2. Frenchie’s Size

When it comes to purchasing French bulldogs, size is one of the most important considerations. The smaller the dog, in general, the higher the cost of purchasing him will be. The most expensive French bulldog, named Micro Machine, can cost up to one hundred thousand dollars. Brad Degraff or Brad’s Bullies Kennels is the proud owner of this well-known French bulldog, who has earned his status as a celebrity in his own right.

3. French bulldog, either purebred or mixed with other breeds

It is necessary for both the female parent, known as the bitch, and the male father, known as the stud, to have registration documents for the Frenchie puppies to be considered purebred. In addition, Frenchies are regularly crossed with dogs of other breeds, such as Chihuahuas, to produce dogs with shorter bodies or coats in a variety of colors, which might result in a price increase.

4. Frenchie’s Bloodline

The price of a puppy that comes from a champion bloodline is likely to be quite costly. Typically, famous pedigree bloodlines result in the production of puppies that cost more than $7,000. You don’t need to get a puppy from one of these award-winning lineages if you do not intend to breed or display your companion animal.

5. Frenchie Dog Registration

The American Kennel Club maintains a registry of breeders who are registered with the AKC. You may buy with confidence knowing that the breeder you are purchasing from is respectable even though purchasing a puppy from one of these approved breeders may cost you more money. These breeders have been vetted to ensure that they meet certain ethical criteria.

6. Frenchie’s Gender

Because of their greater potential for offspring production, female French bulldogs are typically sold at a higher price than male Frenchie dogs. Female canines can have personalities that are more laid back and less obstinate than their male counterparts.

7. Variations in Coat Coloration of the French bulldog

The coats of French bulldogs can be any one of several different hues. The price of a French bulldog in black or white is typically lower than the price of a French bulldog in a rare hue, such as lilac, merle, chocolate, or blue. However, because the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not acknowledge the existence of these uncommon hues, you will not be able to show these puppies at any events. Fawn and brindle The French bulldog is the most popular breed, accounting for sixty percent of all dogs belonging to this breed. They are also the least expensive. Learn more about the many colors of French bulldogs by reading the article that we have provided here.

8. The Location of Frenchie’s

Your location, the demand in your area, the number of breeders, and the number of available puppies will all affect the supply and demand of Frenchie puppies, which will in turn affect the price. You should make an effort to visit the breeder’s facilities before purchasing a puppy so that you may get acquainted with the parent dogs and observe the health of the puppies.

How Much Does It Cost to Keep a French bulldog Once You Have It?

Because Frenchies are unable to efficiently control their body temperatures, owners need to use caution when exposing these dogs to settings that are either exceedingly hot or extremely cold. Because French bulldogs cannot tolerate high temperatures, it is highly recommended that you install air conditioning in your home if you live in a warm climate. You are going to need a heater as well as a sweater for your dog if you are going to be outside in the cold.

How much money does it cost to take a French bulldog to the vet?

When it comes to French bulldogs, the cost of medical care can run very high. Throughout their ten to twelve-year lives, these dogs have an increased risk of having a variety of different health problems. The majority of these are connected to the fact that the French bulldog is a brachycephalic breed, which means that its skull is short and flat and that its face is compressed. Breathing problems are common in brachycephalic dogs including Pugs, Boston Terriers, English bulldogs, Pekingese, Shih Tzus, and French bulldogs. Pekinnese and Shih Tzus are also susceptible to this condition. In addition, French bulldogs frequently have a variety of skin disorders as well as allergic reactions. To lessen the appearance of these, you need to make sure that the creases and folds in their skin are kept clean and dry. As a result of their protruding eyes, French bulldogs can occasionally develop eye disorders such as cataracts, entropion, and cherry eye. These conditions can be painful and even blinding. It is estimated that the cost of treating entropion, a condition in which the eyelid folds inward toward the eye, will range anywhere from $300 to $1,500. Deafness is also rather prevalent in French bulldogs; however, a BAER test can be performed by veterinarians to diagnose deafness in French bulldog puppies while they are still young. Other conditions that might affect the spine, such as hip dysplasia, can be treated for an amount ranging from $1,500 to $6,000, whereas the treatment for intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000. Whenever you go to get a French bulldog puppy, you should make sure to get one that comes with a health clearance certificate that verifies that neither of the parent dogs suffers from any of the typical probable health issues.

French bulldog’s Food cost

One of the essential recurrent monthly costs that come with owning a pet is the cost of providing them with food. Thankfully, French bulldogs are small, which means that the cost of providing for this canine won’t be prohibitive. Every day, these dogs go through an amount of dry dog food that ranges from one and a half cups to two and a half cups. You may expect to spend approximately $55 for a bag of high-quality dog food that weighs 30 pounds. This 30-pound bag of dog food should provide you with approximately 120 cups of food, which is sufficient for approximately 60 days of feeding your dog. In practice, this means that the monthly cost of food for a French bulldog should be approximately $22.50. If you want to give your pet some nice treats on top of their regular food, it will most likely cost you an additional $5 to $10 per month.

Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

This is why:

The following are the three primary reasons why French bulldogs command such a high price:

  • Their struggles with their health
  • It is quite expensive to raise them.
  • They are in very great demand.

Issues Relating to Health

Sadly, French bulldogs have a well-deserved reputation for the health problems they are prone to. When consumers learn about all of the different health issues that could potentially befall their dog, a lot of them decide against getting that particular breed. Even though it’s true that the costs associated with these health concerns can be exceedingly high, getting a healthy Frenchie puppy and purchasing pet insurance are two things that can undoubtedly reduce your stress and help you save money. Problems with the French bulldog’s Health That Are Expensive

  • Allergies – just like our allergies
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome is characterized by difficulties in breathing.
  • A brilliant red mass that protrudes from the eye; sometimes known as a cherry eye.
  • A cleft palate is a birth defect that results in an abnormal opening in the roof of the mouth.
  • Deafness can refer to either a partial or complete lack of hearing.
  • An elongated soft palate describes a condition in which the soft palate is abnormally large and partially obstructs the throat.
  • Heat Stroke: Compared to other breeds of dogs, Frenchies are far more likely to suffer from heatstroke.
  • There is a genetic disease known as hip dysplasia, in which the hip socket does not form correctly.
  • Laryngeal Collapse is a condition in which the larynx blocks the airway.
  • Patellar luxation is a condition in which the kneecap moves occasionally into an abnormal position.
  • Stenotic Nares are characterized by pinched or constricted nostrils and can be treated surgically.
  • Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, and goiters are all conditions associated with the thyroid.
  • Tracheal Collapse is characterized by a gradual weakening of the trachea over time, which ultimately results in collapse.

Reason No. 2: Problems Associated with Breeding French bulldogs

Did you know that the typical price tag for breeding a French bulldog is about $7,000? Because of the narrowness of their hips, it is extremely challenging for them, if not almost impossible, to reproduce naturally. In addition, in contrast to other breeds, they have a few distinct requirements that must be fulfilled according to their own unique set of guidelines. This is because their hips are not wide enough to allow for a natural birth.

  • C-sections are the incisions that are made to deliver puppies outside of the uterus.
  • Artificial insemination – used to impregnate a female dog
  • In addition, there are other expenses associated with breeding Frenchies, such as payments to the veterinarian, purchasing high-quality food for the puppies, and providing a home for them.

There is no other way to phrase it: breeding French bulldogs is a full-time job. It takes a significant amount of time, effort, and financial investment to produce Frenchies that are content and healthy.

The Value of a Well-Bred French bulldog as a Premium Pet

French bulldogs are rapidly rising to the ranks of the most popular dog breeds, and it may soon be impossible to walk anywhere in many of the world’s most populous cities without coming across at least one or two French bulldogs. Unfortunately, this meteoric surge in popularity has also brought with it an increase in the number of unscrupulous, irresponsible breeders and puppy factories. Many unskilled breeders are irresponsible, breeding dogs of different breeds together and engaging in inbreeding to increase their earnings at the expense of the health of the puppies they produce. It is quite upsetting that they have such low regard for the quality of life of these Frenchies and would routinely breed dogs that have genetic predispositions to a wide variety of ailments. These breeders are to blame for the negative reputation that is associated with the French bulldog.

What you pay for is what you get

Although no test can promise that your French bulldog will not have any health problems throughout its lifespan, these tests can put your mind at ease when you are in the market for a new puppy. My only certainty is that the prospect of falling in love with my new French bulldog puppy, only to later learn that he suffers from a terrible ailment that the breeder failed to make me aware of, is my greatest nightmare. That unfortunate circumstance should not befall anyone! One of the biggest reasons why are French bulldogs so expensive is the health problem they face during their lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Reason No. 3: The Growing Popularity of the French bulldog

The third reason for the high cost of French bulldogs is a straightforward one: who doesn’t want a French bulldog?! The American Kennel Club’s rankings for the year 2020 just placed French bulldogs in the number two spot, moving them fast up the popularity charts.

We hope you found the answer to why are French bulldogs so expensive. We tried our best to explain the reason behind the higher cost of French bulldogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Color of the French bulldog that Commands the Highest Price?

There is a broad variety of color and pattern options for Frenchies; it’s safe to anticipate that “rarer” colors and patterns, such as blue, lilac, merle, and chocolate, will command a higher price than more common colors and patterns, like a black, fawn, and white. A Frenchie is a type of little dog.

  • Isabella
  • Lilac
  • Platinum
  • Blue & blue fawn
  • Fluffy Frenchies
  • Merle
  • Chocolate

It is vital to remember that the American Kennel Club does not accept the rarer hues, but unless you plan on showing your dog in competitions, this should not be a concern for you. However, it is crucial to note that this is the case. Breeders frequently add significant markups to the pricing of their so-called “unusual” colored Frenchies as a justification for charging you a higher amount of money. Don’t believe a word of what they’re selling!

Where would I be able to find a bargain French bulldog?

It is impossible to determine for certain whether or not a bargain French bulldog would bring you good luck. If you are getting a good deal, I think you are setting yourself up for lots of heartbreak. Adopting a French bulldog is your best chance if you want a Frenchie but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. Check with local French bulldog Rescue Shelters to see if there are any in your region.

What kind of financial commitment is required to own a French bulldog?

You can anticipate spending anything from $1,000 to $5,000 each year (or even more, if unanticipated veterinary expenditures crop up!). This range of costs is standard. It is strongly recommended that you purchase pet insurance if you are concerned about unforeseen veterinary costs. Although French bulldogs are known to require a lot of care and attention, this does not necessarily translate to expensive veterinary bills.

Which French bulldog in the World is considered to be the Most Expensive?

The median income of a household in the United States is $56,516. The cost of a Frenchie, on average, is $3,000. The price of the Micro Machine is $100 000. Not at all; he’s a French bulldog, not some flashy sports car or anything like that. That is how much money it will set you back to purchase Brad’s Bullies’ Micro Machine. Is a price tag of that magnitude reasonable to pay? You decide for yourself.

Should you spend the money on a Frenchie?

Yes! Indeed, French bulldogs aren’t for everyone, but for those of us who like these dogs, there’s just no other breed that compares. The primary factor contributing to the high cost of a French bulldog is that it takes an exceptionally large financial investment to breed one of these dogs.

Which hue French bulldog fetches the highest price and why?

Blue, lilac, chocolate, and merle are the four hues of a French bulldog that command the highest price.

What is the highest price tag associated with a French bulldog?

The most expensive French bulldog ever sold for a price of one hundred thousand dollars. He is known as Micro Machine, and he is a member of Brad’s Bullies.

Where do purebred French bulldogs often fall in terms of cost?

The price of a French bulldog puppy can be between $1,500 and $8,000. Any puppies that are being sold for an outrageously low price should be considered suspect. Some breeders may be trying to get rid of a puppy with health problems they haven’t disclosed, or they may be charging more for “unique” hues.

What is the average annual cost of owning a French bulldog?

You can anticipate spending anything from $1,000 to $5,000 each year (or even more, if unanticipated veterinary expenditures crop up!). This range of costs is standard.

Where would I be able to find a bargain French bulldog?

When compared to purchasing a French bulldog from a breeder, adopting a Frenchie from a shelter can result in significant financial savings. The price of a French bulldog from a breeder that seems suspiciously low is probably not a good deal at all. Frenchies are not cheap.