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Understanding Bs5837 Tree Survey in the UK


Reliable and switch tree survey report is crucial as homeowners and arborists need such reports to plan for tree care and maintenance. According to the laws and regulations in the UK, all tree surveys must meet the Bs5837 decree. It’s good to understand what the bs5837 tree survey is all about.

When Should Get the Survey Conducted?

This kind of survey is specially designed to give views and directions when handling demolitions, extensions, construction, and other developments, which could require a piece of land cleared. Before the survey is done, the local authority tree department must get informed, and the site’s arboricultural constraints assessed.If the trees are based in a site that has a boundary or sits close to land in an approximated distance of 15 meters from the boundary, conducting a BS5837:2012 compliant Tree Assessment is crucial.

Who can you Trust to Conduct BS5837 Tree Assessment

Only professional arboriculturists have the mandate to carry out BS5837 surveys, reports, and advice. These are people with years of experience and reputation handling such kind of matters. They know what to look for so they can understand a site and recommendations on how and which trees should be cleared. They will employ the latest technology and advanced skills to slot in the right trees, without causing damage to other trees. For the local tree department to deny or give the go-ahead for the conducting of the BS5837 Assessment.

Which Company Should You Trust With BS5837 Assessment

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