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Tips to Choose a Wedding Chauffeur

Wedding Chauffeur

Wedding chauffeurs are available for hire through a number of different venues. These include limousine services, wedding planners and event-specific websites. A wedding chauffeur is a professional driver who is specifically trained to drive in high-traffic situations such as weddings. This type of wedding chauffeur should be familiar with routes, parking and the overall flow of a wedding.

Taxis and unpaid volunteers aren’t options for many brides when it comes to transporting guests from the ceremony to the reception. In fact, many people consider it their duty to provide transportation for guest who have travelled long distances. If you’re looking for someone to handle this part of your big day, follow these tips as you look for an appropriate driver:

Look at your guest list – You’ll need to know how many people will need transportation before you can start hiring anyone. Don’t forget to take into account any children or elderly guests who may not be able to travel by themselves or with other guests. Also, figure out what time you’ll need the driver to arrive at the ceremony location. You may need more than one driver if your guest list is large or if you have multiple events on the same day.

Research- research various local companies who provide this service before booking one. You can find them online or through referrals and recommendations from friends. Their services and rates should be comparable so just make sure they’re reliable and has good customer service reviews. 

Ask for recommendations from friends – The best way to find a great wedding chauffeur is through personal recommendations from friends who have had a good experience with them. Personal recommendations are always best because you know that your friend has been satisfied with the service, and you should choose a chauffeur whose service matches what you are looking for in your day. Be sure to ask for more than one reference though, as it is always possible that a driver was amazing for one friend but not so great for another.

Search online reviews – Searching online reviews will give you an idea of how other customers feel about the company’s chauffeurs. A negative review might put you off, but if everyone is saying great things about the company then this could be a sign they are reliable and trustworthy. It is worth trying to find out more about any bad reviews though to see if they are just one-off experiences or whether there are more substantial complaints regarding the company.