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How Promotional T-Shirts Help in Branding


Promotional t-shirts are undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote your business. Whether you’re a start-up business or have been in the market for quite some time, this is a great way to gain more awareness about your brand, products and services.

Once designed, there are many ways to use promotional t-shirts in branding. The most common way is to send them out for free with any purchase your company makes from a potential customer. This is usually done with businesses that make sales over the phone or in person; the company will then send over a matching t-shirt with their logo on it after the sale has been made. This is why this type of advertisement is so successful because the consumer has just made a huge investment in your product or service and they will be very grateful for the free gift.

This article will break down the main reasons why promotional t-shirts are great marketing tools, so keep reading to see what they are!

T-shirts Are Cost Efficient

These days, everyone is on a budget. Although it may be true that promotional clothing costs a bit more than some other forms of advertising, it is still extremely cost efficient. Not only are custom tees pretty cheap, but they also last much longer than some other forms of marketing. T-shirts can be used over and over again and even become collectors items in some cases. They work as a good investment!

Easy to Wear and Use

You should consider the fact that the majority of people you want to target with your brand wear t-shirts on a daily basis. In fact, nearly 80% of Americans wear cotton shirts on any given day, which makes them an ideal candidate for your custom printed tees. They are comfortable and easy to accessorize with, which makes them perfect for both casual wear or for sports teams to use during practice and games!

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best promotional t-shirts for your company:

a) Do you want to create a buzz about your company or are you looking for new customers?

b) Are you looking for something that defines your company or for something that is easily recognizable?

c) Do you want to increase business leads or just build relationships?

d) What message do you want to send across? Do you want to promote a particular campaign or event?

e) What segment of audience are you targeting? Are they male or female, old or young, professionals or not?