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Three Obvious Signs to Recognize a Drunken Customer


So, finally, you have got your dream job. You must be very excited to join as a bartender. Well, getting a prestigious job will undoubtedly make you supremely happy, but now it’s more important for you to give the best performance so that you will achieve success in the bartending field. As a responsible bartender, you should pay attention to every particular, from serving and mixing alcohol to recognizing a drunken customer.

When it comes to identifying a drunken customer, it is not that easy as it sounds. You cannot recognize the intoxicated person unless you have a clear idea of this. To help you and others who are associated with the bartending profession, I have given some major sings. All these below mentioned signs would help you to understand whether you are dealing with an intoxicated customer or not. Now, check these out.

  • Lingering Smell Of Alcohol

When the visitors smell of alcohol, it’s a major sign that he or she is drunk. You will be able to tell whether he or she is intoxicated by the smell of his or her breath or cloth. You need to be very careful. If the bar is very busy with so many people, it will be quite difficult to tell who the intoxicated one is. If you notice one particular visitor smells strongly of alcohol, then you need to pay special attention to him. You should also tell your colleague for keeping an eye on him.

Now the question is how to deal with a drunken customer. To learn the ways, you should go through the RSA training in Melbourne or your preferred location. The trainers will help you to learn the signs to identify a drunken customer, and how to deal with the person.

  • Visual Fatigue

Excessive fatigue is one of the common side effects of drinking. As a responsible bartender, you should keep an eye to every visitor. If one feels tired of drinking too much, he will be rubbing his face. Inflamed eyes are the other sign; he is feeling tired because of drinking the liquor. You should keep an eye to the sleepy customers, as they can be vulnerable to others. If you come across a sleepy customer, you should offer him a cup of coffee or a glass of water.

  • Difficulty In Hearing

If a person is high on alcohol, it will be difficult for him to focus on things. This prevents him from hearing your words properly. This could be an obvious sign that the person is drunk. While talking to the customer, if you find that he fails to catch your words and you have to repeat the same word again and again, then you should understand the fact that he is intoxicated. Pay attention to his every action, as he can be vulnerable to others. If he affects anyone, you will be responsible for not handling your job well.

So, these are the major signs, indicating the person is drunk. In addition to these, there are more, like slurred speech, repetition of words, mood swings and more. As a responsible bartender, you should identify the intoxicated customer and deal with him properly.