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How to create a Webinar Course online


Webinar is a very important tool in education. Many students cannot pay the dues or the institution is very far from where they live or the institution doesn’t have any space in their classroom. In these situations webinar can help both the students and the teachers by allowing them to conduct online classes.

The following steps will tell you how to create a Webinar Course.

Creating a Webinar Course Using Software

There are many websites and software you can use to conduct a webinar course such as ezTalks. You can easily download it from it’s website. It is one of the best webinar software out there for teaching and online courses.

Announcing the Class Schedule

The first and foremost thing to do is to announce your class schedule in advance. Some of your students might want to view the class late but some might want to view it live so that they may ask questions and get answers as the class is in session.

Preparing and Practicing

If it is your first time using the webinar software, you should always practice your webinar before doing an actual, live webinar.

 Designing the Presentation

To make your webinar presentation perfect, you should use the tools provided in your software to design and make your presentation easy to understand, informative and perfect by using pictures and videos related to the topic hence making your lecture better and enjoyable.

Recording your Lecture

You should always record your webinar as some students may miss it or that they chose not to attend it while you were live. With that they can easily watch and replay your webinar as many times at any time they want.

How to set up webinar training for free

Webinar training allows the participants to get virtual training even if they are far away and in different places. It is a very common practice in many organizations as it allows them to train their staff.

The procedures for how to set up webinar training using a webinar software are as following

Getting to know the participants

If you want to host a training session for an audience, then you should try to get the information about your participants. Their job departments and particulars about their personal likings, etc. This will help you design a training session that will suit the audience.

Advertise about your webinar training

You cannot just host a session and hope that people will join your webinar. You will need to persuade to you targeted audience to come and join your webinar training session. You can make appealing, high quality posts on the social media about your webinar sessions and convince them to attend your webinar.

Inviting participants

Once you have gained a fair amount of participants, you’ll need to invite them to your webinar to let them know that you are hosting one. You can make a schedule and let them know when you are going to host a webinar beforehand. This also allows you to confirm who will be attending your webinar and who won’t be.