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The Main Reasons for Choosing 9apps


On the Google play store, there are millions of Android apps and more the number of users are bound to be confused. As a user, you do not have any clue which app to choose. In addition, a user does not get any intimation or updates about the safety of an app. Most apps are loaded with malicious spyware causing harm and affect the smooth performance of a device. 9apps addresses all issues with security and safety. The apps that are available in the mobile stores are updated after various levels of security and safety checks.

Initially, they are scanned for viruses. Secondly, they are checked for malicious code as this provides absolute security to the app users. In hindsight, any apps present on 9apps download features are safe and secure to be downloaded.

The benefits

There are some definite benefits and user experiences when they download and install the apps on their mobile phones. Being only 1.99 MB of size the performance of your device is not affected in any manner. In fact, it contributes to a better performance where space is cut short that is used by the apps. Let us explore some other benefits

  • Your experience as a user improves where new and latest APK updates are suggested
  • The downloading speed of your app increases and no need to wait long to avail an app
  • In the app, there is an inbuilt UI that makes it look brilliant
  • The list of the apps takes place under categories and subcategories. The search becomes much easy with definite results. To improve your search experience various filters are in place.

How to download 9apps

Downloading this app is relatively easy that anyone thinks.  Just you have to follow a series of steps so that to ensure a smooth downloading experience

  • The Google web browser is to be opened
  • On Google search, you need to search 9app.io
  • Then proceed on to the site
  • On the website, there would be a download button and you need to click on it
  • Click install and the process has to be completed by pressing the finish button

Once downloaded, you can search for your favorite stuff on this app. There are various search filters in place that can be further segregated on the basis of category or subcategory. Examples of classification are entertainment, video, games, etc.

You just need to choose the right category and opt for an app that suffices your needs. Once you choose apps on the basis of categories excellent search results emerge. For example, under the entertainment category you will find only entertainment apps and under the sports category only sports apps. This would give you a concise idea on the exact app that you need to install

Now, coming to the question of whether this app is compatible with all Android devices or not. But a better choice would be with Android 3.0 or 6.3 or higher version. Opting for any version lower than this can lead to compatibility issues.