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Some of the best factory engineer’s tool in India


Engineers work in a different profile, from which one of them is factory work on construction, electronic, mechanical or might be civil. Every profile requires some set of tool to monitor the work done. Eastman hand tools, provide fine quality tool for every category. For those engineers some of the tools are mentioned below, Eastmanhandtools they are providing the best quality tool across the globe within affordable prices.

  1. Spanner set: this is one of essential for everyone and in every sector, a good quality open-ended spanner set is must for an engineer. Spanners are used to lose and tighten the bolts of various sizes, thus spanner also comes in different sizes.
  2. Punch set: Punches are used for a variety of purposes and in every engineering task, whether it is making a starter hole for drilling. It could be driving pins in or out from a piece of machinery. There are multiple types of punches, so purchasing a higher quality set from each category is the best things for life-long tasks.
  3. Tap and die set: these are the cutting tools and are also quickest as well as the most effective ways to ass a screw thread to a workpiece. Taps help to cut internal threads and die helps to cut external threads. They could also be used to clean broken and damaged threads as well.
  4. Engineer’s square: this is a type of try square and used as a metal worker. It consists of a steel blade which is attached to a heavier body at an angle of 90 degrees. It is used to measure the squareness of an angle.
  5. Socket set: sets is one of the efficient investment as it consists of every size so any new engineer does not need to look for anything separately. Sizes start from 3/8’’ to ½’’.
  6. Hand file set: hand files are mostly used for removing a smaller amount of metal from any workpiece. These are similar to normal fillers
  7. Allen key: one of the multitasking tool, it is used to unscrew hexagonal Allen nuts. These keys are used for a wide variety of engineering tasks, so it is always been handy in the tool kit.
  8. Metal ruler: this is the simple length metal ruler, it consists of precise metal and has imperial measurements on it. Commonly used for marking, measuring and for ruling in all the areas of engineering. You are things why they would not use a plastic ruler because plastic one could not be used universally.
  9. Vice: this is just like having an extra pair of strong hands which could grip anything that could fit between the jaws. Thoroughly used tools are allowed you to work with both of your hands.
  10. Screwdriver set: One of the essential tools and commonly seen in houses. It is an important tool in all the areas of engineering as the screw is so often used to hold individual parts together. Some good quality set with a variety of types and sizes also provide years of services. Some low-quality screwdrivers might be cheaper but their blades that would break and also twist after few users.