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Mechanical Anti-Theft Devices To Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

Mechanical Anti-Theft Devices

A great way to secure your van is to install automatic steering and pedal lock on it. It immediately catches the eye, so the hijacker, who noticed him through the glass, may well change his mind about wasting time on your van. The duration of the hacking process is crucial for the offender. Here are some devices for van security by Theft Stop

Electronic anti-theft alarm

 Another great method to solve the security problem is to put an alarm on the van—best of all, a system with two-way communication. As soon as an intruder tries to enter the vehicle, the owner will receive an alarm signal on the smartphone and will be able to block the engine remotely. Other options are fine too. Any signaling of the machines will make it much more difficult for the kidnapper to do his job.

GPS beacon for the van

A GPS beacon for the van will also help a lot. A small electronic device that allows you to determine precisely where the vehicle is at any time. If the “bug” is well hidden, then the thief is unlikely to be able to find out that he is under a hood, and the owner and the police will easily track the movement of the stolen van.

Label for van

The tag is another fairly new anti-theft device. A tiny device that emits and sends a password-protected radio signal to the head alarm unit, which in turn can be paired with a central lock or engine relay. The range of the tag is 5-10 meters. Thus, as soon as you move away from the van to the maximum distance of the mark, the lock and the engine will be tightly blocked, and when you get closer, they will automatically return to normal.

But the most effective way to protect your van is with a combination of mechanical and electronic anti-theft devices. A good alarm system and a steering wheel or pedal lock will make your vehicle a tough nut to crack, even for a professional van thief. To deal with all the devices, he will have to tinker well, and time is the main enemy of the thief.

 There are also several non-standard methods for protecting the machine:

van tuning

The more unusual and brighter your van looks, the easier it is to remember and the easier to find it. The chances of going far unnoticed in such a van tend to zero. Therefore, airbrushing or vinyl body wrap will make your van of little interest to thieves.

Part marking

 It is a well-known and pretty popular method of dealing with theft. All body parts are engraved with several digits of the VIN. This will make it easy to find parts removed from the van at auto dismantling. Marking is placed on glass, doors, hood, trunk, headlights, and other removable elements.


A good help in the fight for the van’s safety can be homemade anti-theft agents. Conventional alarms are placed in standard places that criminals are very well aware of. Non-standard security systems can confuse them, and they may well not be able to understand why the engine does not start. The most popular non-standard protection method is the fuel pump switch. One-click, and the van won’t move.