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What Is Lasidie?


Lasidie is a cryptocurrency that focuses on e-commerce and online payments. It was first released in late 2017, and it has quickly gained traction among investors and users. Lasidie’s goal is to provide a fast, easy, and secure way to pay for goods and services online.

One of the key features of Lasidie is its unique protocol known as “zero confirmation transactions”. This protocol allows merchants to accept lasidie payments almost instantaneously, without having to wait for traditional blockchain confirmations. This makes lasidie an ideal currency for use in e-commerce settings.

Another advantage of lasidie is that it can be used with very low transaction fees. In fact, the total cost of using lasidie is often lower than other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Furthermore, unlike some other cryptos, there are no limits on how many lasidie can be minted. This makes lasidie an attractive investment opportunity since its supply will only grow over time.

So far, Losidie has been well received by both investors and merchants a like due his low transaction fees and quick payment processing times.