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How to Start Planting Wheat?

How to Start Planting Wheat

Whether you’re an experienced farmer, or dream of accomplishing something new, growing wheat can be a rewarding process. Wheat is a staple crop needed all around the world to make flour, which then becomes a variety of beloved foods. Wheat farming takes constant work and care, and with these tips, you can get started.

Choose the Soil

No matter the size of your wheat field, it is important to start with the basics. Wheat requires fertile soil that has good structure and drainage. Soil with too much clay will hold in the water, becoming overly wet. On the other hand, soil with too much silt will let the water escape too quickly. The perfect type is a mixture of the two.

Pick a Fertilizer

As you prepare your field for wheat farming, you can do your best to help the wheat survive and grow throughout the season. After plowing, add natural or chemical fertilizers to nourish your soil. You can determine the right kind of fertilizer through a soil test, but generally, wheat requires a large amount of nitrogen. After finding the right kind, generously apply the fertilizer to your fields. If you have acres of wheat, consider using hopper bottom trucking services to make the task easier.

Find the Right Variety

Wheat is grown all around the world in different climates. Choose a variety that best fits your climate and desired outcome.  When you begin planting, place the seeds evenly in rows, only going down about 2 inches. However, be sure to check if your variety has different requirements.

As you watch your wheat fields grow, don’t forget to water every 20-25 days to ensure their health. Keep an eye on weeds, too, as they have a habit of choking out other plants. As you maintain your plants, you will see them grow taller and change in color. Soon, your fields will be white and ready to harvest in no time.