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Hiring Party Servers For The First Time? Here Are Some Tips For You!


Having a big event soon? Hosting a huge party can be scary especially if this is your first time. Making sure that all of your guests are entertained or if they have enough food or drinks is a task that you cannot do on your own. This is why party hosts are not worried because they can always hire event staff that they can trust.

Hiring Event Staff Made Easy

If you have party servers, they can help you circulate the food and drinks to your guests. Other than that, they can also help with another task that you need to be done. Choosing whom to hire for your party is not easy. It should be people who have experience in this kind of job. So when you are hiring event staff, here are some tips to make it successful.

  • Know the Number Of Servers You Need. Before you hire people, you have to know first just how many servers do you need in your event. You have to compute the exact number of event staff to hire based on the number of guests. If it’s for a dinner party with ten people or for a cocktail buffet, one server is enough. For around 30 guests, have two extra servers ready. If you are having forty guests or more, then you should hire at least four servers.
  • Ask For Referrals. Not knowing where to start with the planning can make you anxious. So why not ask help from people you know? For sure you have a friend or a family member, or even a colleague who hosted big parties before. Ask for the company name of the event staff that they hired.
  • Check Online. This time, you can use the internet to your advantage. Most companies these days, whether big or small, already have websites for their potential clients. So check for local event staff providers and inquire about their offered services and prices.

What To Instruct Your Event Staff Before The Event

Remember that your event staff will serve as your extra hands and feet. They will only follow your orders. Although it is given that they are there to serve food and drinks, but you should also communicate with them to make any of your instructions clear.

  • Make It Clear What You Expect From Them. When it comes to your event staff, do not assume that they know what to do. Sure, they are experienced in this kind of job, but they will still rely on your instructions. So be clear with what you expect from them. Whether they should show guests where to sit, or take coats from your visitors, or maybe serve and clean up.
  • Establish A Dress Code. Your servers should dress appropriately for the event. They should be a reflection of your party. If it is a formal sit-down dinner, then instruct your servers to wear a coordinating black and white. But if say it is a Hawaiian party, then have them dress in tropical printed dresses or shirts to fit the theme of the event.

Hosting an event should be exciting. Sure it can trigger your anxiety since you will not know how it will transpire, but if you have your trusted event staff with you, then the job would be easier and lighter for you to deal with.