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inkless baby footprint kit

Imagine having your baby’s footprint framed in your home. You are so excited to get a memory of the baby that you instantly avail of the baby footprint kit. You have seen others use it before and you are convinced that having a keepsake of your child, before they grow up and are on their own, is something that would you would treasure forever.

That would not be possible without a baby footprint kit wherein your baby steps on the inkpad before pressing the foot firmly on the piece of paper. Simple as that. But then you remember that your baby now has ink on their foot or both feet. So you head to the washroom and wash off those chemicals stuck on your child quickly.

Although, you are so bent on taking those little footsteps from time to time. But at the same time, you are not too keen on wanting your baby to step on that actinic again. But what else can you use?

Luckily, there is now something called the inkless baby footprint kit. Taking your little child’s footprints has never been so easy!

It works the same way as the regular footprint kit. This time, though, there is no fuss when it comes to the ink! Instead, wipes are used to get the baby’s footprint. Simply rub your baby’s foot with the wipe and then press it over the special paper. Once you have done that, voila, the footprint will appear in just a few seconds.

There is no need for ink or paint, no mess or fuss. Remember, make a memory and not a mess. Or else all you will think of when you remember taking your baby’s footprint is the fuss that they made and how you went all the way just to get evidence that you will forever cherish.

The wipes are non-toxic and so it is much safer for your baby when it comes into contact with their skin (especially since babies are much more sensitive!). When you need to take them off, simply use regular baby wipes or wash them off with soap and water easily.

Something unique about these kits is that there are some manufacturers that have their products that allow multi-colored prints. That is, the prints may come out as yellow, or blue, or green, red etc., depending on what they offer. That is cuter than just your regular ink!

These kits are safe and easy to use and hospitals have already begun using them. Believe it or not, these inkless kits are not just for babies! Despite its typical use for babies, these footprint kits can be used by people of all ages; kids, young adults, adults…anyone!

So switch to something much safer than the regular ink pad. Get one that makes things less complicated for you. Try out the amazing results this amazing invention has to offer.