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Brokerage Is Now Easy With Desktop Trading Software


The physical stock exchange trading market is antiquated since the advent of online trading platforms. And also with the diminishing commission rate, all the traders, brokers, and investors have come online trading through software. About a decade ago, traders used to buy expensive charting software, data feeds, etc. Due to increasing competition among brokers and trading platforms, these things have become free to traders. Now almost all the desktop trading software has near features for trading stocks, forex, equity, etc.

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Common features of trading software

Many trading software has many different features that brokers and investors find convenient to operate and gain knowledge.

  • Place trades: Top trading software has the ability to place trades with market orders, other advanced orders, limit orders, etc. These platforms also look out the level-2 order book, the real-time quotes. Statistics of the trade like win proportions, average profit or loss, etc.
  • Basic analysis: Trading software involves fundamental analysis such as providing fundamental information, analysts rating, financial declaration, and other important tools for the investors so that they face simplicity in their audit or spot check to the stocks and shares.
  • Paper trading: Most of the trading software among the top rankers allows the benefits of paper trading that helps investors to trade riskless. In the pape trading manner, there is no need for real money to buy and sell stocks, shares, equity, etc. initially to test the real taste of trading. After the trial, if the investor feels it relevant and comprehensive, then the investor gets involved in the real capital transactions.
  • Automated program: Advanced software can also establish the trading in an automated way without letting people click on the buttons manually. This advanced software has the facility for backtesting functionality for the investors. This automated programmatic analysis mostly common in foreign exchange trading platforms.
  • Technical analysis: The trading software is technically advanced having the high-quality charting abilities with patterns, shapes, and trendlines, oscillation in momentum indicators, etc. Other than that, the technical analysis software includes some useful features for convenience to the investors and traders. The scanning tool of this software helps investors to track their stocks’ ups and downs, go through the whole stock market, and so on. Through customizable charts templates, investors can speculate the stock prices using both current and past data. Technical advancements help investors to be alert of all the update stock news, reports by third parties, companies’ real worth, etc.

Though there is trading software available for other devices too, desktop trading software is among greater using platforms. Different software has different reviews, seeing the specific features and reviews, one can proceed to invest in the exchange market through that preferred trading software. You can also check how to use NASDAQ TotalView.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.