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Explore the best of Dresses Now Just the Way You Need


The main factor influencing the choice of evening dress, is your figure. After all, fashion is fashion, and you need the dress to sit like a glove and emphasize the benefits of the exterior, while at the same time hiding the flaws. And now the tips, what dress to choose, if you have an imperfect body. For the festklänningar this is important.

Broad-shouldered ladies should opt for dresses, the cut of which focuses attention on the waist and extends to the bottom. This will make the figure more feminine and soft.

Women who have a heavy bottom and narrow shoulders can choose dresses with a high waist, ruffles, draperies and models like “mermaid tail.”

Sloping shoulders can be completely exposed by choosing the version of a strapless dress

Lush ladies will look beautiful in long, chest-emphasizing dresses, expanding under the breast. V-neck is required! The same option is suitable for girls and ladies with not brightly expressed waist or problems with the press. It is desirable to cover full hands.

  • Women with small breasts can choose an outfit with drapery, embroidery, shiny elements on the bodice of the dress. Recently – in the fashion jewelry in the form of flowers. This accessory can be used on a very simple dress. But, if your outfit is replete with embroidery and sequins, then with a huge flower on your chest you will look like a holiday tree.

The color scheme for evening dresses also provides a field for fantasy. But here there are pitfalls. When choosing the color of your outfit, consider the above factors, such as features of the figure, a specific event. So, there are celebrations with the dress code spelled out in the invitation. And age also matters. For example, a soft pink guipure dress will suit a 20-year-old girl, for women over 30 it is advisable to choose a noble blue, green, light gray, golden, classic black. Black, beige, blue, green, less often red, white, golden prevail in the color range of evening dresses. You can choose a dress and peach and blue. But the color should be delicate, because the outfits in acid and too bright colors look very extreme. Be careful. Visit JJ’s House for the best deals here.

If you choose a long dress, it should be very long, literally on the floor, then putting it on with shoes with heels, you will look perfect. A long dress, according to the rules, should close the heel on 2/3.

  • Girls whose height is lower than 165 cm are advised not to take long dresses at all. The option with closed legs visually reduces you. Ideally, such ladies will suit fairly short dresses to the knee or a little above the knees, with a v-neck. And be sure to have a high stud, yes, it is hard, but it looks cool. Highly styled hairstyle is another way to visually increase your height by a few more centimeters.