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Electronic waste-The big environmental issue and its solution

Electronic waste

In our country, there are various kinds of industries which are active throughout the year. These industries along with conducting industrial activities at a large level are producing industrial wastes of different types. No matter this waste is concerned to which industry, it will always impact the environment negatively. However, in modern time, due to the innovation and usage of various types of technology, we are heading towards the great heaps of a not so common type of waste -electronic waste. There are a lot of people who do not know about what electronic waste is, what its environmental effects are and how we can deal with it. But today, in this post, we will discuss all these things. So, without wasting any time, let’s start the discussion.

  • What is Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste refers to the electronic products which have come towards the end of their useful life. Basically, it includes all the discarded electronic things. It may include the televisions, monitors, copiers, stereos, fax machines, printers, DVD players, cell phones, cameras, batteries and many other electronic devices. It may also include the various electronic equipment and appliances which are used at homes, shops, offices, hospitals, etc. These used electronic devices can be resold, reused, salvaged, disposed or recycled. Improper disposal of such material may lead to the harmful impacts on the environment, thus in turn impacting the society. Rotary kiln incinerator can be used to get rid of some of such things such as lithium batteries, electronic circuit boards, and more.

  • Effects of the Electronic waste

There are various adverse impacts of the electronic waste on the environment. Some of which are explained below:

  • Harmful toxic material: Most of the electronic devices contain the harmful toxic materials such as lead, flame retardants, nickel, barium and chromium. If these chemicals are released into the environment, can cause various diseases of human blood and kidneys & also that of human nervous system.
  • Contaminates the soil: When the heaps of electronic waste are thrown away, these are disposed of with the help of landfilling. It contaminates the upper layer of the ground, which makes it unfit for the agricultural activities.
  • Pollutes the water resources: When the harmful toxins of the electronic waste buried in the landfills flow with the help of rainwater down to the groundwater resources, it contaminates it. This contaminated water affects the people’s health.

There are various other harmful effects of the electronic waste, which makes it necessary to adopt the appropriate disposal methods for them.

  • How to manage the electronic waste?

There are some of the methods which are adopted by many municipality organizations of various countries in order to get rid of the electronic waste. Some of them are much more successful in reducing the impacts of the electronic waste on the environment. Incineration is such a method. Incineration is a process of converting the solid waste material into ash and flue gases with the help of combustion technology. Nowadays, specialized electronic waste incinerator are being designed to deal with the problem of electronic waste. These incinerators are being used by many municipalities.