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Different Types Of Cushion Pad Materials

Cushion Pad

Cushion pads are an essential part of making a home look good. They make your living room look comfortable, your bedroom feel inviting and create the perfect atmosphere for your dining room. If you want to get the right cushion pads for your home, then it helps to understand the different types of materials that are available.


For people who want to choose eco-friendly cushion pads, then cotton is a good choice. Not only does it come from plants, but it is biodegradable and can be grown naturally. It also comes in a variety of colours and feels nice for the skin. The only downside is that it can become flat quite quickly if you have used them for a long time.


This is a good choice if you want something that looks good in a range of rooms. Chenille cushion pads are soft but durable, so they will keep their shape even after years of use. It also has natural anti-allergy properties, so chenille makes sure your family will be safe while they relax in comfort.


Polyester is another common fabric that makes up cushion pads, and it tends to be quite soft. It’s machine washable and easy to clean, but again it can be an issue for those with allergies.

Fibres (feathers)

Many people find feather-filled cushion pads too hard to sit on or sleep on at night, but they are popular for outdoor furniture where added firmness is desirable. They’re also good if you have pets who will chew through the fabric or foam of your cushions, as they don’t tend to eat feathers.

Memory foam

Memory foam is a popular choice for orthopaedic support and comfort in cushion pads, but it may not be suitable if you have allergies to specific materials.

The choice of filling is down to personal preference, however you should always consider how the cushion will be used. For example, duck feather cushions are a popular choice for scatter cushions as they provide a luxurious feel and look. However, if you were looking for a seat pad for an office chair or wheelchair then foam is your best option as it provides more support.

The best way to choose a cushion pad is by asking yourself how much support you would like from your chair seat or settee. Cushion pads can be extremely firm to provide maximum support or soft for a softer feel. You may also want to consider the size and shape of your furniture. A rectangular shaped sofa will suit either a square or rectangular shaped cushion pad, whereas an oval shaped sofa requires an oval shaped cushion pad.

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