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Defending Your Free Speech Rights At Work


America has always been a place of strongly held opinions. The nation was founded by people who spoke out in opposition to a distance parliament they believed had infringed their rights. The First Amendment protects the right of every citizen to speak their mind. This principle is extended even to the workplace. Your right to speak your mind at work is protected, as long as it does not materially interfere with your ability to do the job.

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The First Amendment at Work

You do not empty your mind of opinions when you step through the door of the office. All workplaces have a social life. You will spend time before, during, and after the work day discussing all kinds of things with your colleagues and even your boss. As a matter of courtesy, people used to avoid talking about politics and religion at works. But that now seems like a quaint notion as most Americans have too strong an opinion on both to keep silent. This inevitably leads to disagreement. However, people with different views on life and politics can still get along as work colleagues and friends.

For anyone to be fired, demoted, or refused advancements because of their opinions is an outrageous abuse of power. Your boss cannot fire you because your political opinions differ from his or hers. Of course, they are unlikely to give that as a reason for your sudden termination. But if you suspect this is the case, you should contact a lawyer.

Freedom of and from Religion

Unfortunately, freedom of speech is not the only thing under siege in workplaces. There has been an increase in the number of incidents in which people who hold different religious beliefs than the majority in their workplace are subject to subtle and unjust forms of harassment or wrongful termination. There have also been many instances in which people of no faith are wrongfully discriminated against. Many companies in which there is a strong element of religion and the outward expression of it have this problem.

How a Lawyer Can Help

To be fired from your job because of your political or religious opinions is a humiliating and painful experience. You crave justice, and there is no reason why you should not receive it. The lawyer who takes your case will begin by asking you to recount the events that led to your termination. This account will provide the starting point for a larger case against your employer. Your lawyer will interview work colleagues and make inquiries into the history of your former employer. Such companies tend to be systematically discriminatory, so there will probably be other people who were fired for the same reason.

If your attorney is able to gather enough evidence, the case may not need to go to court. They may prefer to offer you a settlement instead.