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Button Badges: Different Purposes And Benefits


Button badges have been around for over a century. It used to be a one-inch metal disk wrapped in celluloid. Button badges evolved in production and in purpose through the years. A pin-back button or button badge is often referred to only as a badge. It is usually made from steel components pressed together. It also has a printed paper layer behind a protective plastic covering. unique custom badges are practical and very easy to manufacture. Most businesses use button badges for promotion. Politicians use these for their campaigns. Button badges are also used by demonstrators during protests. People give them out as gifts because they are also good fashion statements.

Button badges make great promotional items

  • They are less expensive compared to other promotional items like pens and mugs. A small investment will enable you to produce thousands already. You can reach a bigger audience with these many pieces.
  • You can use any design to fit into the badge. Company logo, slogan, or even photos. Most button badges come in full-color and come with different pins and fittings. There are also various sizes and shapes you can choose from. They are easy to order, too.
  • Button badges do not need any shipping. They can fit in your bag or your hand so you can distribute them with ease. Some businesses include a button badge when a client buys any product.
  • They are simple to use. You can choose to pin it, clip it on, or use a magnet to hold it in place. People do not need any persuasion to wear them.
  • You can take them anywhere. Most button badges are often pinned to clothing or bags. You can transfer them to whatever you will wear or bring.
  • They are popular with all generations of audiences. Millennials see them as a novelty. Gen X and Y feel nostalgic when they see them.
  • Button badges do not get destroyed even after a long period of time. They usually end up in a drawer or in a box. But the message on the button badge resonates whenever someone sees it. Collectors seek specific badges because they reflect the changing trends.

Button badges are effective in political campaigns

  • They get the word out, address issues, and rally support in an affordable way. Mass mailings and phone campaigns take time and cost a lot. Postal rates keep on increasing. The cost of paper, printing, and materials are also getting more expensive.
  • You can take care of the production yourself. Ordering online is very easy and only takes several minutes. You do not have to hire any paid staff or volunteers. People get curious when they see others wearing interesting button badges. They tend to ask questions then. This enables you to get closer to the public.
  • The volunteers in a political campaign are important. You can use button badges as nametags. Include the candidate’s name, party affiliation, and even the date of the election. This will increase public awareness.

Button badges contribute to social change

  • Members of several groups wear button badges to spread awareness and raise interest. This also increases membership in their organizations.
  • Button badges serve as a vehicle for self-expression in social movements and causes. They helped many people to express their views. People feel empowered in displaying their beliefs, allegiances, and preferences. Button badges are effective in giving a direct impression.

Button badges are a powerful style statement

  • A lot of fashion models and celebrities use button badges as embellishments. They do this to proclaim their own messages.
  • Button badges are often laden with subcultural connotations. They are now established as part of an aesthetic of rebellion.