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Benefits of Buying Australian Four Wheel Drive

Wheel Drive

This is an Australian company that offers high quality and fairly priced products. The company was started in the year 2018 but it has emerged to be one of the best in Australia. We have a committed and focused team of professionals who know how to treat customers with great respect. We have gained experience in this industry and we are determined to offer the best to our loyal clients. Our products are unique and unbeatable in terms of quality, price and design.You can visit our store or click our website to make your purchase. Shopping with us is very convenient because once you place your orders online, free shipping is done to your place. Get yourself a strong and classic outdoor gear from Australia Wide 4WD.

Shipping And delivery

This is one of the companies that is interested in offering the best services ever to companies. If you shop with them and make purchases worth $69, you will qualify for a free shipping provided that you are within Australia. You will be required to submit your post code to confirm whether you qualify for the free shipping offer. Once you placed your orders, your products will be delivered soon after depending on how far is your location from our store. When your product is ready for delivery, you always receive an email alerting you and the email has a link that you can use to track your products while in transit. You will have peace of mind working with such a company.

Returns Policy

Most companies do not allow goods back once they have been delivered to you but this company is unique in its own way. They allow return of goods provided that they are not used and they are in their original packaging. This is only allowed within thirty days of delivery if you want your return considered. Make sure that you contact the company officials before you return the products. If you follow the right return procedure, you will have your returns handled quickly and the necessary changes made.


Here we make sure that you get the most out of your money. We offer our brand new gears at low and affordable prices. You cannot afford to miss our offers if you are looking for a brand new gear. Those who shop from our online stores have an added advantage in that they can have their orders delivered at lower costs than the offering costs. We have a wide range of four wheel drive vehicles that you can get from our store at fair prices. Our top super brands includes; Hikeit,Thetford, Runva and Yakima among others. Find all the best outdoor gear from Australia Wide 4WD company.