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A Basic Guide to Car Servicing


Today’s car is a marvel of engineering, with more than 30,000 separate components that go into the making of the vehicle, and each car has a specific maintenance schedule, which can be found at the rear of the owner’s manual. This section stipulates,

  1. The frequencies of the servicing.
  2. A list of things to be included in the service.

Engine Maintenance

The engine is the powerhouse of the car and the engine oil must be replaced at every service, which might be every 10,000 km, and the oil filter is also changed at the same time. Engine coolants levels must be checked and topped up as necessary, while the belts should be checked for wear and tear and tension, which provide power to the alternator, water pump and cooling fans.

Brake Pads

The brake pads would be changed at around 50,000 km although it does depend on the driving habits of the owner, as some people depend heavily on the brakes, which increases wear. Brake fluid is also checked and topped up when necessary, and any sponginess in the brakes would be caused by air in the system, which can be bled out at the wheel. Your local car garage in Hamilton can carry out a regular service, and they are very affordable.

Air Filter & Spark Plugs

The air filter keeps dirt, dust and grime from entering the engine, and it is either replaced or cleaned and reused, and this is done at every service. If your car has a petrol engine, it will have spark plugs, which need to be changed periodically, which is something the mechanic would check.