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5 tips to boost your metabolism


Metabolism is a word we hear everywhere. But would you be able to explain clearly what it consists of, what is its impact on your state of health and how to optimize it? If this is not the case, do not panic, we will explain everything to you

What is metabolism?

Simply put, metabolism is the way the body uses calories from food to produce the energy needed to maintain vital bodily functions (breathing, digestion, etc.). Its effectiveness is determined by three factors: the basic metabolic rate, the thermal effect of food and the energy expenditure due to physical activity. These three elements influence how calories are used in the body. Together, they are called “total energy expenditure”

1 – Adopt the standing desk

In many studies, subjects using a standing desk, even part of the day, have higher energy expenditure than those who sit all day. If standing all day seems a bit rough, start by alternating between sitting and standing.

2 – Drink green tea

Green tea contains a specific compound associated with increased energy expenditure and fat burning. While this does not have a 먹튀 miracle effect (no, drinking green tea will not solve all of your metabolic problems), it helps maintain a healthy metabolism and keeps you well hydrated.

3 – Treat your sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can fix many things, including metabolism. Try to sleep 7 to 9 hours a night. Develop a bedtime routine, such as turning off electronic devices 1 hour before bedtime, or a good reading session with herbal tea.

4 – Do not neglect your protein intake

Compared to carbohydrates and fats, proteins have the highest thermal effect. Try to include a full source of protein with each meal. For those who eat meat, eat eggs, chicken, fish or lean beef. For vegetarians, look for your protein in tofu, tempeh, quinoa and buckwheat which are great options.

5 – Add HIIT sessions to your habits

High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) increase post-exercise oxygen consumption, fat oxidation and metabolic rate. They keep the body burning long after your workout ends. If you have never done HIIT, do not hesitate to contact a coach to discover the discipline.