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4 Purposes You Need Fencing For!


There could be various reasons why you are thinking of putting the fence around your property. So if you are thinking of that too then below are the various purposes for which you might need the fencing along with the types of fences which would be perfect for the purpose keeping the cost in mind as well. So to find the purpose of your fencing and look for the perfect type of fencing which will not burn your pocket as well.

Line of Boundary

There are various times when you need to have a boundary of your property for the identification or separation from the neighbour’s property. This type of fencing is done to define the particular part of the area and mentioning it as a property of the owner. For this purpose, the wired fences along with stone or concrete pillars are fine. The pillars can be placed 10 feet apart from each other with wired fencing between them. You can also place them up to a distance of 20 feet to reduce the cost.

Restricted trespassing

This type of reason comes when you want restricted trespassing of the unknown stranger. In this type of purpose, the height of the fence plays an important role. The height of the fence can go up to 6 feet but if you need more security then you need to have it up to 12 feet. The added security can be reached by putting electrical coils above them. Seeing the budget the owner can go for razor wires as well for more security. The concrete or stone pillars can be used for this purpose. You can contact barbed wire fence contractors for more information regarding this.


If you have the privacy purpose in mind then the compound walls are the best options. But there is much money which is needed to be invested in it. So the option which is best suited rather than compound walls is precast walls readymade compound walls. They are already made compound walls and they are easy to install anytime. This will save up to 50% percent of the cost of installation of the fence made of compound walls for privacy.

Avoid illegal occupation

There are sometimes when you have to have fences around the property to avoid the illegal occupation. There are many instances when the property is left unfenced, the illegal people will build structures over there, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent. You need to have proper fencing and no area must be left unfenced, as they will use even the smallest portion left unfenced. And once they start residing over there, it becomes so much difficult to remove them. The owner can use meshed fence wires along with cost-effective razor wires for this purpose. The option of building barbed wire fence is also good.

Whatever may be the purpose, you need to have full information about types of fences and the cost involved. This is a long term investment so should be done with proper care and information.