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What You Need To Know When Contacting A Printing Company

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Any profession, sphere of life, or field of knowledge has its subtleties. Printing is no exception. To print different types of products, they use their special technologies and equipment and impose specific requirements for each publication. At the same time, a potential client does not need to delve into all the nuances and understand the terminology that is incomprehensible to him. Owning professional subtleties is the duty of printing company specialists.

But, you must admit that it is easier to communicate with a person who is at least a little “in the know.” This saves a lot of effort, time, and money (both the client and the contractor). Therefore, we propose to get acquainted with a fast algorithm for preparing an order for a printing house. A small manual will help formulate your desires and present information to specialists more correctly.

For whom and why?

The first thing the customer needs to do is decide on the purpose of manufacturing printing products. Only a clear understanding of your actions will help you make the right choice from various options and achieve the desired result.

For example, you will provide a new service and want to talk about it. In this case, it is better to order the printing of flyers, booklets, or leaflets. This product is inexpensive and, at the same time, works great for the mass consumer. If the main goal is to draw attention to a company or product, it is advisable to choose image products: a notebook, a calendar, a catalog, a glider.

The second step to placing an order for the production of printing is to decide on the target audience. For a beauty salon – women from 18 to 60 years old; for car servicemen in the same age category. By understanding who the printed matter is, you will work more effectively. Colorful flyers or posters placed at the cash desks of stores will ideally tell about the new manicure service. And a small leaflet left under the windshield wiper of the car will reach the addressee (it will interest and attract the driver’s attention, who will need to visit the service station sooner or later).

Polygraphic design

The choice of design for future printed products largely depends on how the end consumer will perceive them. Humans tend to follow their emotions. Therefore, if you want to hold a booklet or calendar in your hands, examine and get acquainted with even the most challenging information to perceive, you have found a suitable “wrapper.”

The concept of “design” of printed products includes the color scheme, the arrangement of images, and the design style. Pay special attention to such parameters as size and format. Printing specialists will always help you make the right choice.

Material selection

People with educational experience in printing know precisely what type of paper and additional processing is better to choose for each specific case. Do not neglect their advice. Even with a beautiful design and a well-thought-out marketing concept, an A5 calendar on offset paper will be ineffective.

Timing and pricing

It is essential to understand that printing a specific type of product has its technological period. The printing house is operating normally and, besides you, it has many planned orders with contractual obligations. Therefore, in situations “when it was necessary yesterday,” specialists will be happy to help resolve, but only without prejudice to other clients.

The final cost of manufacturing printed products depends on many factors. For this reason, printers often do not have price lists or have created catalogs with an estimated price. The manager will be able to name the total amount only after clarifying all the order details and sometimes even after launching for printing. All because of the specifics of technological processes.