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Things To See And Do In Chertsey


Chertsey is a wonderful place to visit in Surrey. Situated on the right side of the Thames River, it is one of the most gorgeous towns where you can take your children and have a lovely time to spend. So, what are the places that you should see when you will visit Chertsey? In this article, let us have a look at some of them.

Great Cockcrow Railway

Do you want to feel the nostalgia of the steam trains of the past? Well, the Great Cockcrow Railway certainly has the ability to bring back that nostalgic feeling in your heart. Last year, this place celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special festival called the Festival of Steam.  It is a place that you would not want to miss out for sure.

Dumsey Meadow

Dumsey Meadow is a wonderful place to visit with its emerald appearance due to the abundance of nature’s blessing. Situated at the floodplain of the Thames River, walking in this grassland with your partner or kids will be a memorable experience. Therefore, it is also a place which you should not miss out.

Chertsey Museum

Chertsey Museum is a very popular place where you can visit by booking a Chertsey taxi. This place was mainly a hotel during the 1500s and had seen lots of ups and downs in the past. However, in 1972, this place became a museum for the exhibition of fine arts, history of the area, among others.

The Thames Path

When you are in Chertsey, the Thames River will not be going to leave you for or one second, it will be there with you all the time. Just like in the Dumsey Meadow, you will also have a terrific experience of walking by the side of the Thames River. This 184 miles road will be a journey that you will remember for a long time.

Thorpe Park Resort

Chertsey has a beautiful amusement park as well. Thorpe Park is a place where your children will surely love. Various rides in this park will surely give your children a riveting experience. Also, if you visit this park before Halloween then you might experience one of those horrific fight nights of this park. All in all, Thorpe Park is a place in Chertsey where you should take your child because they will have lots of fun and adventure there.

Finally, these are some of the places where you can visit and things that you can do at Chertsey with your family. If you visit any of these places then you will have an experience of a lifetime. Chertsey is a beautiful place and one that you should not miss out by any chance. So, make your plans and visit Chertsey for a memorable experience.