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Things to keep in mind while purchasing water tanks


Almost each and every house has a water tank installed for supplying water to the entire house throughout the day without any difficulty usually for all the basic things like bathing, using the toilet in the morning or throughout the day, drinking water or other necessary purpose throughout the day, washing utensils and clothes etc., or even for more luxurious activities like refilling and cleaning the fish tank, washing their car, watering the garden and even for filling the pool.

It is known by all that water is the basic requirement for any household work. But due to the fact that we are so habitual of buying and installing plastic or loft tank that we almost forget about the fact that there are so many other and in fact better alternatives to those black, toxic, ugly looking and non-durable water tanks.

Nothing is better than a well placed and a good quality stainless steel water tank for supplying good, potable and healthy water which is odourless and tasty at the same time.

But we have to remember that there are certain things that we have to consider before buying a water tank.

So, a well-curated, personalized stainless steel or plastic water tanks which would last a decade at least is required and also it should be according to the personal requirement or the size that your house will need. Here are the basic and most important things you might have to consider before buying a plastic, stainless steel or loft tank online or directly from the market.


Depending on the size of your water tank you need to know how much space does your house have? Obviously it is not possible to install a 5000l water tank atop your one bedroom home. So, even if there are two possible manners present to install your water tanks, the space restraint is still there, which is very much prominent in a country like India. Therefore, it is important to assess how much your house will allow for installing a water tank on your terrace, or the underground, or in the vicinity of your house, and this will determine what capacity of tank you should buy.


The size of your household matters a lot if you are considering a stainless steel water tank. Almost 60 litres of water is consumed per day by a person. So keeping this in mind the size of the water tank should be determined for home.


Well, without considering a budget no person has ever bought anything that is substantial and significant in his or her life. Therefore, it is very important to keep your budget set in the mind. If you install a plastic tank it will give you toxic water in a few years, or installing concrete tanks can be risky as they might start to crack which will leak in a while. Buying again or maintenance cost will increase. Many water tanks are there in the market which is cheaper and also that lasts long.