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Reebok Fitness for a Great Cardio Work Out At Home

Reebok Fitness for a Great Cardio Work Out At Home

The generic Reebok Company was founded in 1895 in England. Joseph Foster, the manufacturer, was very eager to produce spike running shoes. The rest, as they say, is history. In 1958, Joseph’s two grandchildren founded a subsidiary, Reebok, named after an African gazelle. The company’s headquarters are today in Canton, Massachusetts. Its products are sold in more than 130 countries and more than 6,000 employees work in 21 subsidiaries abroad. The company has multi-year licensing agreements with the NBA and the NFL.

Reebok elliptical trainers

If you are looking for Reebok elliptical trainers, you have a lot to choose from in Reebok Fitness Australia. Available on a budget, the Reebok 725, 525, and 645 are available. However, if you’re on a budget, the Trec elliptical is your best option. This elliptical trainer is of very high quality and offers you a wide range of functions, such as heart rate monitoring, resistance monitoring, etc. Buying any of these running shoes can work wonders, as Reebok Trainer products are considered the best on the market. Reebok exercise bikes are another product line you can look forward to when shopping. These bikes are well known in fitness circles and can be a great way to train.

Reebok fitness equipment

If you assumed that Reebok is only engaged in the production of shoes, clothing and other related accessories, then you are wrong. Over the years, the company has expanded its presence to other segments. Fitness equipment is one of those segments where they made a name for themselves. Exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and home trainers are just a few of the products that are synonymous with the Reebok brand. Some of the equipment is not manufactured by Reebok, but by other companies. Take treadmills, for example: they are made by a separate company, Icon Health and Fitness. However, Reebok sells them under its own brand. These treadmills are designed for home users. Two popular treadmills that have made a name for themselves are the 3500C and the 5500C.

Reebok exercise bikes

The key feature that sets Reebok exercise bikes apart from the rest is that they keep riders entertained while exercising. Most bikes have an additional play option that allows riders to play while exercising. In addition to playing games, the bikes are equipped with other useful tools, such as a heart rate monitor that automatically tracks the rate at which your heart beats when you are on a bike. The RB310 is a popular bike in this category.


Reebok home gyms are available in various types. Some of these types include the traditional, the feed bay, and the feed rack. Generally, these home gyms are not made up of different parts that the user puts together. They usually represent a single piece of equipment. Different weights can be added or dropped depending on the type of exercise to be performed.