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Know The Cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery in India



Cervical Spine or neck is a structure composed of 7 bones. Nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments hold the entire cervical vertebrae together. The cervical spine is an essential part of the human body that contains the spinal cord. The spinal cord receives signals from the brain and enables all the necessary neck and back movements. Any damage or disorder to the cervical spine can lead to severe issues in your routine life.

However, it is possible to fix the disorders by cervical decompression surgery. This surgical procedure provides the solution for back pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. It can also solve other back issues like restoring the nerve issue and fix the abnormality in the motion of your neck.

Overview of Cervical Decompression Surgery in India:

To begin the Cervical Decompression Treatment in India, the doctors perform complete diagnosis on the body of the patient. It is a detailed examination of your back and neck to know the root cause of the problem. The main aim of the tests is an overall analysis of:

  • The curvature of the spine.
  • Range of motion.
  • To check the alignment of the back and neck.
  • Locate the damaged or infected area.
  • Check for the nerve changes and its impact on the overall back.
  • Determine the root cause of the pain.
  • To know the bone density, and
  • Analyse the muscle strength.

After the complete examination, it gets easy for the surgeon to decide regarding the procedure of surgery as well as Cervical Decompression Treatment Cost India.

Cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery in India:

The starting cost of cervical decompression surgery in India starts at USD 4,500. However, it can go upto USD 9,000 depending on the condition of the patient. If you compare this cost with other developed countries of the world, you will find that the treatment cost in India is relatively low. It is almost one-third of the total expenses in the US.

Due to the availability of top hospitals and best surgeons in India, the country has become the first preference of patients across the globe. India ranks second in treating the maximum number of medical tourists. It is because more than 97% of the spinal surgeries performed in India are successful.

If you are suffering from any cervical issues, you can approach the best doctors and top surgeons to get the personalised quote for your treatment. The doctors in India are ready to provide online assistance to the patients who live abroad, to offer convenience before they plan to visit India for surgery.

Final Words:

The primary requirement or expectations of a patient is to get satisfactory results from the treatment. Not to forget, everyone wishes to avail the best services but at affordable prices. India excels in fulfilling all the necessary prerequisites of the patient.

Most importantly, the patients hesitate to visit foreign countries due to visa issues or inability to receive the appointment with their choice of doctor at the desired time. But, you will never face such difficulties in India, because the medical tourism companies here are always ready to guide you whenever and wherever required.