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Improve Hay Bale Success with Bale Spears

Tractor Bale Spears

Whether you’re farming hay for your own use or preparing it for sale, the right tools are a must. Without the appropriate equipment, you could spend a lot of time and effort doing work that could take a fraction of the time. This is especially true if you’re harvesting hay in addition to other chores that have a higher priority. One essential, and useful, piece of machinery is the hay bale spear.

The Challenges of Baling Hay

As the children of farmers know very well, hay baling is a hot, sticky, uncomfortable job. The bales are heavy and unwieldy, and when a stack falls over, the bales can be dangerous. Personal injuries are some of the most serious risks, but they aren’t the only potential risk. Improperly handled hay could develop mold, ruining your entire harvest if it isn’t caught soon enough.

How to Choose Bale Spears?

When you’re ready to visit the bale spear tractor supply store and upgrade your equipment, make sure you know exactly what you need:

  • Are the spears compatible with your existing equipment?
  • Do you want any special features, such as tilting or hydraulic operation?
  • Would tapered or fluted spears be more helpful for your chores?

There are several different options available, such as round or square balers. The best tool for your farm is often dependent upon how much hay you handle, how long you plan to store bales, how much help you have, and whether you’re prepared to store and maintain equipment during inclement weather.

Factors That Affect Financial Success

Many factors, outside of equipment, can affect financial losses when you’re working with hay. Pay attention to bale density, bale uniformity, outdoor storage risks, and the best stacking methods.

Have you found that some tools work better than others? What methods have you found to be best for stacking bales in your area? As you track hay waste and profits, take note of the improvements you’ve experienced by upgrading your equipment.