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Important features of learning applications and online portals


6th class is a crucial year in every student’s life. It is the point where maths problems become really complex and students have to indulge in critical reasoning for solving the problem sums. Vast syllabus and difficult questions are two points which make a student fear the mathematics subject. A student can access 6th maths study material from various sources in order to prepare himself/herself well for the exams. He/she must be equipped with adequate NCERT books and practice papers in order to crack the exam and score higher grades. 

The study material necessary for the preparation of maths exams is:

  1. CBSE sample papers
  2. Practice papers and mock tests
  3. NCERT solutions
  4. Worksheets and list of important formulas
  5. Marks distribution across different chapters
  6. Online tutorials teaching important concepts and a detailed explanation of complex questions.

These can be accessed by a student by enrolling oneself in an online course provided by E-commerce website or an application created by the company. Edusaksham is one such company which offers such services to students at a nominal cost. Features of a study portal and the services it provides are as follows:

  1. Provision of a learning app:

Students can access the material through its learning app which has been created by the company. This makes it easy to access the information anytime.

  1. Interactive videos:

Various study portals and applications teach the students with the help of interactive videos and tutorials. This makes it easy for students to understand a concept. Moreover, it can be done at their own pace where videos can re watched again for better learning.

  1. Detailed notes of every chapter:

Students can access important notes of every chapter in the NCERT book which are prepared by experienced teachers and professors. Quick revision of the entire syllabus is possible through the notes. Moreover, one can find every formula which is essential for solving complex maths problems like trigonometry and logarithms etc. Students do not have to worry about preparing notes for themselves.

  1. Practice papers and tests:

The study portal provides practice questions which are similar to the ones in the NCERT book. Moreover, students can also take small tests of different chapters which increase their hold over the subject.

  1. Previous year exam papers:

Students can even access previous year CBSE exam papers and solve them in order to understand the type and difficulty of questions which are put forward by the CBSE board. Students can solve the papers as real exam within 3 hours in order to assess their progress. Moreover, detailed solutions with steps are provided along with papers for better understanding.

Apart from all these features, every study portal or app has an analysis section which helps the students assess their progress. The software grades the student on the basis of their performance in the online tests. Moreover, there is a separate discussion forum where students can interact with each other. They can even interact with a teacher who is available 24×7 for solving any maths query. There is a designated search bar too where students can search for the keyword “study material for class 6 CBSE maths”. Even information can be accessed with easy and efficiency.