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How to plan Boho themed wedding


Boho chic is a style that we have heard about in dressing. Boho is a style in which you wear loose clothing and usually, Boho chic style includes the maxi dresses and it also includes the prints like floral prints or different lanterns. When you think of Boho style you imagine someone wearing a loose braid and wearing a floral maxi dress. Whole Boho wedding theme is very stylish and if you are looking for colourful and fun wedding pictures then you must definitely go for the Boho wedding theme. Here is how you can plan a Boho wedding theme

Floral decoration

If you are looking for a Boho wedding theme you have to decorate everything in flowers and we are not talking about the white flowers like we see in most of the weddings but something more comfortable. Flowers are like the power element of this theme and you have to be more close to nature to plan this theme as it will all look very natural.


When you are planning a Boho themed wedding you need to stick to loose and comfortable dressing and being a bride you can wear something loose made up of lace. As far as the flower girl dresses are concerned you have to go for the floral dresses or white flower girl dresses made up of lace and that is loose and less formal. Bridesmaids can wear floral prints or loose maxi dresses. With this Boho themed wedding don’t forget to wear the cowboy boots and try your best looking like a southern girl. As far as hair is concerned to wear those in loose waves or you can have a loose rough braid with a floral crown.

Wedding décor

Keeping it close to nature and decorating with flowers and leaves will make it look exactly like what you are expecting this wedding theme. With this type of wedding, you also want to have it outdoors.


With this type of wedding usually there is a buffet and the BBQ or if you want to make it even more exciting you can call up for the food trucks and this will be something new for your wedding guests too and this way you can have more fun.


Now when you think of the Boho wedding you expect seeing a live band and hiring a local country band would be no difficulty in this way you will have more fun. Have an outdoor dance floor where you can dance off your day and make it rememberable.

So you have a full guide on how to plan a Boho wedding and you should definitely go for this theme if you are a fun person and want to live in the moment with this type of wedding and you will be able to remember this day forever. While planning this type of wedding chose a location that is in the countryside and it would provide you with a very cool look for your wedding pictures as well.