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How to Choose and Buy a Silver Jewel

Silver Jewel

Silver jewelry and gold smiting is very popular thanks to many varieties of style, exemplary durability and quite reasonable prices when referring to the quality of these luxury pieces. If you want to buy a real silver jewel, discover our complete shopping guide, our tips and tricks to pay less for your new silver jewel.

Estimate the quality of the room

True sterling silver should normally include a state punch with a neck brace affixed by a warranty office. This stamp must include the words “925”, “.925” or “Sterling 92.5” depending on the country. This figure means that the material is 92.5% pure silver, the rest is often supplemented with other materials such as copper to keep its original color.

If no stamp or mention is visible to the naked eye, be sure you are buying from a reputable jeweler with an excellent reputation. If not, look in another store.

Before buying a silver ring or necklace visit midwestjewellery.com, check the color of the jewel. If it shines a lot with a color that tends to white, your jewel is probably plated silver. You can also use a magnet on the piece. If the jewel is attracted to him, then it is not pure silver.

Money for each style

Silver jewelry is available for sale in many styles and price ranges. Think about your dress style and the clothes you wear in everyday life. Think about why you are going to buy this beautiful silver ring: is it for a party, a wedding, an engagement, for work? Some pieces will be more elegant depending on the situation.

If you’re looking for a wardrobe for your everyday that fits with your entire wardrobe, choose a simple silver pendant enough mat, discreet earrings at a low price or a smoothed bracelet.

If you want to bring a touch of color to your outfits, it is possible to find small pearls like rings encrusted with gems and precious stones, short pendants with pretty Swarovski crystals…

Privilege interchangeable parts

If your budget is limited, head to silver jewelry that you can easily change parts without having to buy a new silver jewel. You will save on your purchase of cheap apart while keeping a jewel that will always have its brilliance and cachet.

For example, you can save by buying a silver necklace or chain with different pendants for every occasion. You will just have to change the ornament or charm according to your mood and your tastes of the day. Ditto for rings: by buying three rings of colors or different materials, you can wear them together on the same finger or distribute them to get a look worthy of the largest luxury French houses.

Same idea with a silver wrist bracelet that will come off and allow you to hang a beautiful piece that you have in your jewelry box. With a little imagination, the variations are endless and the result will cost you much less than paying for a luxury jewel.

Tips for keeping your jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry can tarnish slightly over time. Rest assured, it’s perfectly normal and there are solutions to restore your ornaments their original silver luster. Once you’ve fallen for this beautiful gem, be sure to have a good cleanser for the real silver coins next door.

If this type of product seems too expensive, you can clean your jewelry with a rag soaked in lemon and then wipe it with a cloth soaked in water. This will give a glow to a blackened ring or a worn-out bracelet. Salt, white vinegar or toothpaste can also do the trick! Remember to store your silver jewelry in a box, box or packaging made of anti-tarnish velvet.

Precautions to take before ordering

The gold silverware is sold in many places: jewelry, supermarket, independent jeweler, online shops … Whatever the place where you place order, you can buy jewelry custom made with designs personalized or choose from the collections offered by the online sales site.

But before concluding your purchase, ask the merchant for his policies of delivery, return and refund in case of receipt of a non-compliant product. If you buy a silver necklace from an online store, check the testimonials of previous customers to get an opinion on its reputation. On this point, buying on Amazon is a must thanks to very low prices, fast free delivery and simplified returns in case of problem on the goods.

What is the best site to buy a silver jewel?

As mentioned in the previous section, Amazon is a safe, reliable, accessible online store that has already satisfied millions of customers in France. The discounts and promotional offers are regular on the jewelry department and the basic prices of many pieces are already very low. The choice as for him is simply immense! Discover without delay the collections available on Amazon and take advantage of the free delivery in 24 hours with no minimum purchase!