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Creating a Purse That Packs a Punch


Ladies know that the purse you carry speaks volumes about who you are. Some gals sport a large tote while others are minimalists and only sport a clutch. You can be prepared to take down an attacker with what inside, and still wear your style. If you want to be ready to defend yourself, here are a few essential items you can keep in your purse.

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A Handgun

Let’s get straight to the point. There’s no better weapon than a pistol when it comes to preventing an attack. Ladies deserve the best, and a handgun is it. Do your research about which gun would be best for you, and what your state laws are around concealed carry. Once you have your handgun, buy a few gun concealment purses to carry it in, so you’re always ready.

Everyday Objects

If you haven’t got a proper weapon stored in your purse, your keys are an excellent go-to. When held properly, your keys can act like brass knuckles, slicing into your attacker as you strike them. The one downside to this is that you may hurt your hand, but it worth it if you can scare off a predator. Likewise, most women carry a pen in their purse, and it can double as a weapon at any point. At close proximity, you can use the sharp tip of the pen like you would a knife.

A Knife

Carrying a knife is not only handy for everyday use, but it is also a great weapon. You can use a knife for just about everything you use scissors for, and it does a great job making attackers think twice. There are tactical knives on the market, but you can also splurge and get one that suits your style. William Henry makes some beautiful, useful, limited-edition knives.

Whatever you keep in your purse, make sure you have at least a couple of things you could use to protect yourself.