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Buy website scripts and clone PHP script


Websites are developed using scripting languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. The program written in these languages is called scripts. Website scriptsare simply the web scripts which mimics the functionalities existing popular websites or in terms of features, internal structure, design, UI, everything.

There are lots of web clone scripts are available on the internet for each area such as social networking, commercial, appointments, booking, traveling, searching, shopping, informative, streaming and others. Clone scripts of websites of every successful business out there are available to download or purchase by clone script companies for each of the above-mentioned areas.

Although there are many free website scripts are available by multiple web script sites, free versions are only suitable for experimental or learning purpose, and it may not be good for commercial use. In contrast, paid website scripts have advantages like reliability, built-in support, and assistance to failure. So, purchasing website scripts is always a better way for businesses.

Here are some of the generic steps to buy a website script:

  • Firstly, search for the name or type of website script you need, a number of different sites of script sellers appear. Go to any of them which look good to you. For e.g., codeready.online
  • Create an account on that website and log in using credentials. You will see a lot of websites available to download either paid or free.
  • After selecting, you will see brief details about the script’s features, functionalities, instructions, and requirements. Read this carefully and verify that it’s all you need.You can also checkout the live preview of how the website actually looks on some seller’s websites.
  • After checking all these details, if that web script fulfilling your needs, add it on your Wishlist or simply click on Buy now.
  • A window will appear giving two payment options – 1. Through Prepaid account or 2. Directly via PayPal, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc.
  • After selecting payment options, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Enter payment details and then your script will get downloaded.
  • Extract and the folder and run this script by setting a proper environment for running scripts such as web server and database servers. Here your website script is ready to use!

PHP scripts have much difference than traditional HTML-JavaScript based websites. PHP provides flexibility and allows to create dynamic web pages. In PHP, server-sideprogramming also comes into the picture.

Due to these features,cloning PHP scriptsneeds additional requirements such as web servers (for e.g., Apache Tomcat, Oracle Glassfish Server) and all website cloners don’t support for PHP website cloning. For e.g., HTTrack only supports HTML websites, if we want to clone a PHP website, it converts PHP into HTML which makes it static.

For clone PHP scripts,lots of things are taken into consideration such as how scalable, flexible it is, and how easy it is to migrate to one platform or environment to another. Many popular websites are developed using PHP and other dynamic development tools. Some examples are shopping portals –  scripts of Alibaba.com, Amazon, eBay or social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or it can be search engines like Google or Yahoo or a streaming app like YouTube, all can be cloned using these readymade PHP scripts.