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Breakfast Menu Ideas For Corporate Catering


Your company’s board meeting has already been scheduled. It’s morning, and you want to perk up the atmosphere by serving good breakfast. To avoid the stress of preparing the food yourself, you look for a Washington D.C. Catering that will help you ace this portion of your very vital event.

One of the very first things the catering provider will ask is about your preferred menu. Got no idea what to serve for breakfast in a corporate affair? We’ve got you covered. Check out the breakfast menu ideas we’ve compiled just for you.

Breakfast bagels

Looking for a food that’s savory and capable of sustaining your employees during a long meeting? Put breakfast bagels atop your list. This kind of food can give you and your colleagues that needed energy — plus it can be served in various options like an apple-cinnamon bagel, cream cheese, and smoked salmon bagel, and more.

Breakfast sandwiches

Sandwiches are a go-to breakfast menu option that any Washington D.C. Catering would recommend. Like bagels, sandwiches can be offered in different ways like a bacon-egg-and-cheese calzone, pork roll breakfast sandwich, and ricotta and honey sandwich to name a few.

Mini-breakfast burritos

Turn a lazy morning into a more colorful one by offering mini-burritos as a breakfast meal. You make them vegan-friendly by stuffing them with avocado, salsa, beans, and rice.

Fruit skewers

If most of your co-workers are not a fan of burritos, you can still add a dash of color to the table by offering fruit skewers. Nutrient-laden and versatile, you can add extra flavor to this one by topping it up with yogurt or honey.

Baked goods and pastry

Muffins, coffee cake, scones, and croissant. These breakfast staples can cater to a wide range of appetites. They can also be plated beautifully to add a delicious-looking accent to your corporate event.

Pancakes or waffles

Like bagels and sandwiches, you can offer pancakes or waffles in different varieties. You can sprinkle chocolate chips, berries, or nuts to make it more flavorful. You can also incorporate thin slices of banana or strawberry.

Mediterranean-themed menu

Mediterranean diet features veggies, fruits, nuts, and whole grains that spell out freshness. You can offer a menu inspired from this cuisine — you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone because they’re both delicious and nutritious.

Tips to Remember

When it comes to corporate Washington D.C. Catering, there are different things you need to consider. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

Always plan ahead. Have a list of your expected attendees and take note if there are those who have allergies you need to consider.

Make sure all the attendees of your morning-scheduled corporate event are informed of the time and venue.

Work on your budget and keep track of your catering expenses.

Know how much to order and take into account the number of attendees. You’d need to serve food that will be enough for all the attendees.

Offer variety so your attendees will have the freedom to choose.

Whether you’re serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our Washington D.C. catering team at Saint Germain Catering has got your back. Quality is the name of our game and our primary goal is to satisfy your taste buds.