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Asbestos Removers Save Lives


If you are looking for an exciting job in a growing field that will offer the chance to get dirty, change lives, and help keep people healthy and safe in their homes and businesses, then you may be interested in working in the field of asbestos surveying and testing. Most people know that being exposed to asbestos can greatly increase the risk of developing some sort of lung disease and working in the field of asbestos removal and detection will allow you to actively improve the health and well-being of others. Buildings that were built with asbestos have to have this product removed before any sort of repair or renovation can occur, which is when an expert in asbestos will be called to survey the area and remove it.

Education and Training

If you decide to pursue one of the many asbestos survey jobs available, then you will have to have a great education and training to prove that you are qualified to work with this dangerous substance and ensure that buildings are safe for others. There are very strict laws and guidelines in place about who can work with asbestos and the amount of training that they will need to ensure safety. It is not uncommon for workers to have to attend continuing education courses regularly to refresh their understanding, practice, and techniques that they use on the job. In addition, every location and business may have additional training and education requirements for their employees.

Daily Duties

What an asbestos surveyor does each day can vary depending on the jobs that have been lined up for him or her. Some days, the surveyor may be testing different locations for asbestos and filling out reports about the results of those tests while other days will consist of removing asbestos and locating it in various buildings. Removing asbestos can be physically demanding so it’s important that these workers are in good physical condition as well as know how to handle various fire extinguishers and rescue gear. There are some days where an asbestos expert will be mostly in an office filling out paperwork and forms and talking to various companies and government officials about certain removal projects while other days will be spent in buildings locating and removing asbestos.

Working in asbestos removal is a very gratifying job but isn’t one that is the right fit for everyone. It takes a combination of physical fitness, education, the desire to help others, and the willingness to continually better yourself through training and additional education classes. If you are interested in a fast-paced career that will require thinking ahead, problem solving, and good people skills, then working in asbestos surveying and removal may be the right job for you.