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Amazing Facts About Human Sense Organs


Human beings can never experience life without their five senses. They are the smell and the sight of red roses in a garden through our eyes and nose, the chirping of singing birds through our ears, the taste of a pizza through our tongue and the soothing touch from someone we love through our skin. The input from the 5 senses is carried from neurons (special nerve cells) to the human brain.

Our sense organs give us the ability to understand and appreciate the surrounding and our beautiful world on five different levels and beyond. The sense organs help us to learn, to protect ourselves and to enjoy our world. Some amazing facts about our 5 senses i.e. taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing are given below.


We are able to hear through our ears. The human ear is made of 3 separate parts: the inner ear, the middle ear, and the outer ear. The human brain uses the sounds from both right and left ear to determine the direction and distance of sounds. Some interesting facts about our sense of hearing are given below.

  • The eardrum which is present inside the middle ear converts sound waves into vibration.
  • The human brain processes sound 1000 times faster than pictures and it can even register sounds even while sleeping.
  • The ears not only help us in hearing but also helps us to balance.
  • Instantaneous loss of hearing occurs at 120 decibels.
  • The middle ear contains 3 of the smallest bones in the human body which transfers the sound vibration to the inner ear.


We use our nose to smell. Our sense of smell can identify 7 types of sensation. Some interesting facts about the sense of smell are given below.

  • Humans have over 10 million smell receptors in their nose cavity.
  • The sense of smell declines as people ages.
  • When we are hungry our sense of smell improves.
  • Most people know the difference between 4 thousand to 10 thousand different smells.


Our sense of touch is spread through our whole body. There are about 4 kinds of touch sensations that can be identified which are heat, cold, pain and contact. Some interesting facts about the sense of touch are given below.

  • Skin is the largest organ in the human body.
  • Most of our touch sense send direct data to the brain.
  • Pain is felt to help protect our body. It is one of the strongest memories that humans have.
  • The back is the least sensitive part of our body.


Our sense of taste comes from the taste cells or taste buds on our tongue. The sense of taste is designed in such a way so that it rejects harmful foods. It serves as the body’s first defense against harmful substances and poison. Some interesting facts about our sense of taste are given below.

  • There are over 10,000 taste buds present in the mouth of human beings that get replaced every two weeks.
  • Nobody can’t taste what their saliva cannot dissolve.
  • Children have more number of taste buds present in their tongue than adults.
  • Foods like garlic, onions, and hot & spicy foods can dull the sense of taste.
  • Taste sensors are present in the tongue which send information to the brain.


We are dependent on our eyes to see. Our eyes are an amazing tool for gathering light. The human eye can spot a candlelight from 14 miles away and distinguish among 500 shades of grey. Some interesting facts about the sense of sight are given below.

  • The human eyes can process 24 million images in a lifetime.
  • Each eye consists of more than 2 million working parts.
  • The white part of the eye is called as the sclera.
  • Because of two eyes, human can judge depth.
  • Six muscles are present in the eye which help it to move.

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