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3 Perceptions of Name Badges you will want to know


Name badges carry a good image of a company. However, the way they are perceived by different parties is entirely a different thing. The staffs recognize them in a different way, while the public and the administration have a different view about them.

Above all, as any manager should know the mentality and the attitude that both the public and the staff have towards staff name badges. Below are ways in which different parties perceive name badges.

The staff

Most employees in an institution have a negative attitude towards the company name badges. Most of them dislike the badges and feel life slaves in them. It’s normal to find out that most members of your staff don’t wear name badges when the boss isn’t around.

Some employees even think that name badges are a way of pissing them off especially the subordinate staff. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the manager to let the employees know that name badges are there to make work and communication easier for them and not to bring them down.

The administration

The management understands perfectly the importance of name badges in the organization. They know well that part of the success of their team relies on the name badges. Name badges help to promote their business especially when the company goes for meetings or seminars. It is their responsibility to make sure that the staff to wear the business name badges without being forced.

The public

Any person outside the company finds staff name badges to be very useful. If it is clients who visit the working environment, they are likely to communicate with the employees easily. The public, therefore, has a positive attitude towards the staff name badges.

However, the every employee should know that the success of their business means their job security. They should follow all the rules especially wearing the work name badges to ensure that their company performs well. The managers should spread the good news about company name badges to the employees so that they have self-discipline on how to use the name badges.